(Solved) Ford IDS waiting for windows network services

Outils de diagnostic de voitures

After 5 delete boot partition & reinstalls, I managed to find out the fix for “IDS waiting for windows network services”. Now it works

1- change the date to 7th January 2015. Then Install the ids 86 ,

(hold the date 7th January 2015 ,, until you finish step 5

every time you restart your computer, check the date, if it is on 7th January 2015

2- install patch ( choose option 2 )

3- Make a backup of your windows system (I recommend, this is optional)

4- Open the program with the interface connected ,,( choose NON DEALER,when open program for first time ) , keep vcm turn on,on the computer.

5 – create a restore point,,,then unplug vcm usb from the computer

6 – , before installing,change the date of your computer, to the current day Okay, now install the new version, IDS v109.01

7- After installing, go back to the restore point, which you created in step 5, activate this restore point, and then open the program

8- Finally, install FordExtendProgram (click right mouse button click on, run as administrator)

Now I just need a working VCM2. Sodding things stops connecting to computer when VCM is powered up.

Btw, The problem with this “hack,” is the same issue with a lot of the IDS versions on eBay or in the Selling Box (in fact all I’ve seen to date): they don’t fully work with 2017+ vehicles and have other inconsistencies with Module Rerogramming.

Whether these fake newer IDS version hacks are built on the v86 or v106 hack, you are NOT getting a true IDS v110 or v109. If you look in Program Files under IDS\Runtime, you will notice most of the actual binary files are still same version as the original install from the “restore.” All you are really updating is the XML files that make up the database, but not the runtime files that actually are the program. This may work for most operations, but it has a lot of issues with newer vehicles.

Still better to use this free semi-hack, than pay for the same thing that is falsely advertised and sold as elsewhere as the full version.