MPPS V21 Tricore read/write Peugeot MED17

This is for your information: how to used MPPS V21 software to Tricore read, write and checksum Peugeot ECU MED17. MPPS V21 download free: Mpps download can be available via (contact the customer service and FREE mpps v21… Continue Reading

How to use MPPS V21 read/write PSA Peugeot Citroen ECU

FYI, Cloned MPPS V21 tuning on PSA Peugeot Citroen, what models can work & cannot work? MPPS cable version 21: Src: The new MPPS V21 PCB comeswith better protection components (imported, not made by Chinese), and had been improved… Continue Reading

(Update MPPS V18) How to install MPPS V21 software WIN 7?

MPPS V18.12.3.8 updated to newer MPPS V21.0.1.3! TESTED! Below is MPPS V21 software WIN 7 installation guide. Follow the steps to install MPPS V21 if you already got MPPS V18 before. How to update MPPS V18 Clone to MPPS… Continue Reading