Télécharger Xhorse VVDI PRO V4.5.2

Télécharger Xhorse VVDI PRO V4.5.2 : Dernière  version du  logiciel:  V4.5.2 https://mega.nz/#!DwwmlLYI!cmNf2bJDnskEEqAFs9iJD3NTpEYwfhc368paCOPbo1w mot de passe: 123456 * Cette version mise à jour Ne pas besoin firmware * Correction de quelques bugs + Ajouter VVDI PROG UTILISATEUR munual 4.5.1 Version dans le dossier Doc + Ajouter AB28F200B5T (PSOP44), AB28F200B5B (PSOP44), AB28F400B5T (PSOP44), AB28F400B5B (PSOP44), AB28F800B5T ( PSOP44), AB28F800B5B (PSOP44) Options en <1-EEPContinue Reading→

Xhorse VVDI PROG mise à jour la plus récente version du logiciel V4.5.0 – téléchargement gratuit

Xhorse VVDI PROG mise à jour dernière version logiciel V4.5.0 (26/09/2016): * Cette version mise à jour Ne pas besoin firmware * Correction de quelques bugs + Ajouter VVDI PROG UTILISATEUR munual 4.5.0 Version dans le dossier Doc * ATMEGAxx8 problème d’erreur de schéma Fix * Changement D70f3624 diagramme (ajouter QFP64 package) + Ajouter ATMEGA48P, ATMEGA48PB, ATMEGA88P, ATMEGA88PB, ATMEGA163, ATMEGA164, ATMEGA164P, ATMEGA168P, ATMEGA168PB, ATMEGA169P, ATMEGA323, ATMEGA324, ATMEGContinue Reading→

Xhorse VVDIPro adds BMW 5 series key procedure

This is BMW 5 series key, I will use Xhorse VVDIPro to add BMW 5 series key step by step. Part 1: VVDI Pro read out BMW 5 series CAS data. 1) Take out the CAS immobilizer located over the brake and accelerator 2) Follow the VVDI Pro wiring diagram to remove the four red-circled components one-by-one, then solder back after all operation completed. 3) Begin to connect the wires one-by-one, then check whether they are fastened or not. 4) Connect well VVDI Pro 5) Close wiring digram, seContinue Reading→

Xprog M 5.48 read CAS4 5M48H “Device is silent” error

Solution to X-prog M ECU programmer V5.48 failed to read BMW CAS4 5M48H ECU problem is provided here. Problem: I tried to read CAS4 (2013 year from Motorola 5M48H) using XPROG 5.48, did not work! I checked several times on HELP tab, I cannot find the problem. Select all options 5M48H and disconnect the xprog unit, still not work After 10 seconds license, the system prompt error message “Device is silent” SC667095CAG 5M48H QQDU1224 MC9S12C64 CPBE OM66G CTGMS1224 (see picture attachment) Continue Reading→

Program Porsche Key by VVDI2 and VVDI PRO

Here is the operation guide to help vvdi2 and vvdi pro program Porsche key. Requirement: VVDI2 VVDI PRO Programmer Porsche BCM Laptop Steps: Step 1. Read Porsche BCM data with vvdi prog. Disassemble the CM from Porsche. Connect vvdi pro with the laptop. Open the vvdi pro software. Porsche type: DCM-2M25J. Go to the wiring diagram. Connect to the BCM according to the wiring diagram. Close the wiring diagram. Click “Read”. Detecting the device…(the yellow light on vvdi prog flashes.) SContinue Reading→

Read BMW ECU by VVDI PRO Super Programmer

This is the detailed video guide about reading BMW 5 series ECU with VVDI Pro. Disassemble the BMW 5 series ECU, to read the ECU data with the super programmer VVDI Pro. First, open VVDI PRO software. Select “BMW E CHASSIS”. Select “N20”. Open the wiring diagram. Connect VVDI Pro adapter cables with ECU on the basis of the wiring diagram. Check it repeatedly according to the wiring diagram, when finishing connection. Connect VVDI PRO to the computer (via USB cable). It is difficult to sContinue Reading→