How to use ISTA PsdZData Full for BMW flashing/programming

Thred: BMW Flashing/Programming using BMW ISTA with PsdZData Full Environment/Setup I have set up ISTAD and ISTAP within Oracle VirtualBox virtual machine. Windows 7 x64 Enterprise with SP1 ISTAD v4.3.21 ISTAP v3.60.2 PsdZData v60.1 Full BMW ICOM A2 Clone Using my… Continue Reading

How to set up BMW ICOM on ISTA Rheingold step by step?

Here is a detailed tutorial to guide you: How to set up BMW ICOM on BMW ISTA Rheingold software? It’s useful when you first use ISTA with ICOM! Suitable ICOM interface: BMW ICOM A2 WIFI Recommended ISTA software: 03.2017 BMW… Continue Reading

Français 2015.07V Wifi BMW ICOM A2 diagnostique et outil de programmation – Tous informer ici

Version du logiciel 2015.7: ISTA-D: 3.49.30 ISTA-P: 55.4.000 VIN: 2015,05 Dernière version du firmware de l’ICOM: Version actuelle de l’image du paquet: 14/03/03 Version actuelle de l’image système: 25.01.02 Télécharger gratuitement sur: BMW ICOM A2 mise à jour firmware… Continue Reading