BMW E Series Coding Error, Using Expertmode (SOLVED)

Problem? –Case A with 2007 e92: So we ran into an error while coding an 07 e92 w/ cobb installed; did the digital speedometer stuff in the Kombi; and got a “speedometer malfunction” error; it’s still there even after coding the module back w/ the blank man file; and even after un-marrying the cobb to the car; the error still is there; none of the gauges work now; ie tach/speed/fuel/temp/etc.. all the analog ones; anyone run into this error before? –Case B with 20Continue Reading→

Read BMW ECU by VVDI PRO Super Programmer

This is the detailed video guide about reading BMW 5 series ECU with VVDI Pro. Disassemble the BMW 5 series ECU, to read the ECU data with the super programmer VVDI Pro. First, open VVDI PRO software. Select “BMW E CHASSIS”. Select “N20”. Open the wiring diagram. Connect VVDI Pro adapter cables with ECU on the basis of the wiring diagram. Check it repeatedly according to the wiring diagram, when finishing connection. Connect VVDI PRO to the computer (via USB cable). It is difficult to sContinue Reading→

How to adjust BMW Right Height with ICOM Rheingold ISTA

I have both cheap BMW INPA K+DCAN USB cable and ICOM A2+B+C diagnostic system with ICOM Rheingold ISTA-D 3.47, ISTA-P 3.54 HDD. I’ve been playing around on a one axle air system in ISTA. I was able to raise and lower the rear of my E53 2004, but I don’t think I was doing it right. Basically what I did was put a jack on each side, set it at the height I wanted, and then reset the right height point. I can put the car at any level (unlevel or level), hit reset and it will hold that positContinue Reading→

Comment Régler WIFI De BMW ICOM

ICOM A2+B+C Pour BMW est un appareil de diagnostic et programmation avec le dernier logiciel, adaptateur et WIFI. C’est la deuxième génération de BMW ISTA Diagnostic et programmation système. Il est le meilleur appareil pour ICOM De BMW. Alors Comment Régler WIFI? 1. insérer d’abord usb wifi au usb port sur pc 2. désactiver tous wifi sur le PC, le PC n’a que notre équipement usb wifi. Ne pas connecter au réseau ni câble réseau d’équipement. 3. Plus déteContinue Reading→

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