How to use FNR Key Prog 4-in-1 (run time error)

FNR Key Prog 4-in-1 manual: FNR key prog 4-in-1 download How to use FNR Key Prog 4-in-1 How to solve “run time error”? Here you go. FNR key prog 4-in-1 download free: How to solve “run time error”: Q:… Continue Reading

Kess 4.036 Protocols vs. Kess V2 5.017 Protocols (+140 NEW)

Compared to KESS V4.036, the KESS V2 5.017 new firmware wins in protocol compatibility. KESS 5.017 supports more cars & bikes & trucks,with protocols fully activated, 140 more than v4.036. Look here: KESS V2 FW 5.017 adds 140 new protocols.… Continue Reading

Lonsdor K518ISE OBD program VOLVO (smart) keys

What tool for VOLVO key programming? Lonsdor K518ISE only! Lonsdor K518I SE is the first Volvo key programmer in the world tool to add/program new (smart) keys for all Volvo models via OBD: Volvo C30 key program Volvo S40 key program Volvo S60 key program Volvo S80 (before 2009 smart key) key program; Volvo V40 key program Volvo XC60 key program See how the Lonsdor K518ISE Volvo works? Step 1: Read the security… Continue Reading

How to solve PSA Diagbox Failure of the activation (error 0)

Lexia 3 Diagbox software always comes with the error message “Failure of the activation (error 0)” on Windows XP, but works perfect on Windows 7 32 bit. Issues and solutions.. here you go. Windows 7 installation goes without any error.… Continue Reading

ODIS-S 4.2.3 ODIS-E 7.2.2 download + activation (FREE)

Free download ODIS-S 4.2.3 ODIS-E 7.2.2 latest version: Free download ODIS-S 4.2.3 Off board DiagSetup:!5coSwAyb!KfVPxVtmTxTNoXOuWnC4VCtsJpYjFdtRNKmZ-FhGFlc ODIS 4.2.3 Post setup:!dcYyWTIb!5hDllZnh8W_2r1-On437ypvusQ4G7-O7FuOCfzqRdLo AUDI+VW+SKODA+SEAT off board diag launcher:!kAoFlDTJ!gk-dMjiia0_kCQNYKoDgnH-LpjMDYTGkffj_YMjjRwo ODIS 4.2.3 Free Activation: ODIS-E 7.2.2 download free:!0NQXRTjL!hMbfVI_leI3D35WmT1zwNRL2wGRcexN-qcd29jnMGzc ODIS-E 7.2.2Free Activation:… Continue Reading