Where to buy RENAULT CAN CLIP clone for good quality?

Hello, I would like to know who has already tried to buy a Renault CAN CLIP interface (I suppose very strongly to be counterfeit given the price) on net? Indeed I would like to try rather than go to Renault (It’s more… Continue Reading

What is best Renault diagnostic tool: Foxwell NT520 or Renault CAN CLIP?

What is best Renault diagnostic tool: Foxwell NT520 or Renault CAN CLIP?   Please advise: Foxwell NT520 Renault is better than Renault CANCLIP diagnostic tool? Reply:Personally speaking, I think Foxwell NT520 better.First, Foxwell Nt520is a hand-held scan tool, convenient to take it anywhere.Second,… Continue Reading

Handheld Peugeot diagnostic tool for 508/508HY/508RXH: Foxwell NT520

Please advise: a hand-held auto diagnostic tool for Peugeot 508/508HY/508RXH the year 2011-? Foxwell NT520 Pro is your way to go. Read ECU information: Yes! Read and clear fault codes: Yes! Read live data: Yes! Do active tests: Yes! Perform some… Continue Reading

NOX sensor test: CAR FANS C800 can, FCAR/Launch/Autel cannot

CAR FANS C800 testing a NOX sensor: SUCCESS! For details, please go on your reading! what is NOX sensor: The Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) sensor is a “smart device” consisting of three components. i.e, NOx sensor, Connecting cable, NOx sensor Control Module.… Continue Reading

How to install FVDI 2018 software on Windows 7

FVDI 2018 Windows 7 installation: source: http://www.obd2diy.fr/wholesale/fvdi-v2018-abrites-commander-fvdi-full-version.html If you have software installation problem with V2018 FVDI, such as missing mfc110u.dll? Device not opened? Spawn app failed:1? please refer to FVDI 2018 installation tips: 1. close antivirus software; connect FVDI to computer… Continue Reading