Xhorse Condor XC-009 Tested 100%!

Xhorse Condor XC-009 key cutting machine is tested successfully! Here is the key cut by Condor 009: About: Xhorse Condor XC-009   Condor XC-009 is designed to cut single-sided and double-sided keys. It’s a high standard single cutter key cutting machine which works… Continue Reading

Lishi Deux-en-un outil de serrurier + SEC-E9 Machine de coupe facilement pour ajouter la clé

L’outil de serrurier deux-en-un de lishi est rigoureusement construit, bien fabriqué, facile à transporter, rapide à utiliser et précis dans le positionnement. Il peut voir le mouvement de chaque éclat, et l’essai peut clairement montrer si l’éclat de résistance est soulevé… Continue Reading

KTAG Ford SID208 Voltage: 14 Volts Works Perfect

What’s the power supply for SID 208 read/write with a Ktag programmer? Look here – it’s successful experience of users. Hope it’s helpful. Review 1: I read Ford SID208 by KTAG EU CLONE V6.070 – 14.1V and work perfect.  Lower voltage doesn’t work. SID needs higher voltage, use… Continue Reading

(05.2018) Renault CAN CLIP 177 Download: Testing

(Free download the latest Renault CAN CLIP 177 diagnostic software and test it on your own risk: https://mega.nz/#!gLZV3BpK!i0zFvZCOZU2ePRmyMDDR6S1JQKiQltx1MJi2P3_5tcc You can tested with CANCLIP interface genuine or clone but no one holds responsibility of what happened to you and your device… Continue Reading

Premium Tech Tool Reads/Clears Fault Codes on Volvo D13

Purpose: Volvo D13 read and clear fault codes Program: Premium Tech Tool Car: Volvo D13 2014 How-to’s: Tips: First make sure your apci+ is well installed or the correct version is used. (That’s why it recognized as older 98 electronics truck.) click on Help about tech tool and see if… Continue Reading

2018 Foxwell NT520 Pro vs. 2017 Foxwell NT510

Looking for a NT510 Foxwell…but when i searched on the web, i found another device named “Foxwell NT520 Pro”..seems better than N510. anyone has good success of NT520? and what’s the difference of Foxwell NT520 Pro and NT510? Tech support… Continue Reading