Tango key programmer can synchronize Volvo  ECU & CEM

Confirmed! Tango key programmer is able to synchronize ECU & CEM moduels on Volvo  vehicles. Software requirement and basic info: Synchro maker Volvo was introduced in Tango software 1.95. The main function of this maker is to allow, the users of Tango programmer that purchased it, to synchronize ECU and CEM modules found in Volvo vehicles. In order to use the software you will need to load a dump file from both ECU and CEM modules in Tango software. In case that one of the modules is broken or the chip contents are replaced a file from a replacement (donor) module can be used. ECUs and CEMs with the following chips can be synchronized: CEM: 93C86,28F400 ECU:… Continue Reading

Comment activer le support full de Renault Clio sur Lonsdor K518ise

Regardez ici: Liste des voitures Renault Clio: Lonsdor K518ise  New vs. Old Version  Nouvelle version: K518 avec le dernier logiciel mis à jour le 10.2018 Ancienne version: K518 avec logiciel avant 10.2018 Différence entre les nouvelles et les anciennes versions: Liste des… Continue Reading

Free download 2018 Actia Multi-diag 42.09 software

Finally I managed to make it work, I’d like to share you guys with version 2018 Actia Multi-di@g. I made the guide myself for my v2011 interface received from the supplier: http://www.obd2diy.fr/wholesale/nouveau-v2011-multi-dig-multidiag-actia-j2534-pass-thru-obd2-device-2291.html VCI 033918 Actia 1.2018 42.09 download free: https://mega.nz/#!croCEKIQ!7PHYKUAWkVqKBfc1DTzmQtJUEcYx9iQ0KsNLXrYi2ew CRACK FIX download free:: https://mega.nz/#!YYhwGSKb!hAQaG7RunQLdoG7njQ1-FLp7HiYLX0CYqe53kEOrEXY First of… Continue Reading

Free Download ACTIA Multidiag 2017 III SP4 + Hex for Pic

This is how to program a pic to work with Multidiag 2017 III SP4 – First : You have to install Multidiag WITHOUT internet connected. It’s not difficult to find it to download. Serial to install it : 033918 Download link… Continue Reading


OBDSTAR X300 DP PLUS UPDATE FIAT/ALFAROMEO/IVECO/LANCIA/MASERATI/FERRARI: FIAT Pre-Coding DELPHI  70F3237+93C86(ID46) DELPHI  70F3379+93C86(ID46) DELPHI  70F3632/70F3633(ID46) DELPHI  93C66(B)(ID48) MARELLI 70F3237+95160(ID48) MARELLI 70F3378+95160(ID46) MARELLI 70F3633+95320(ID46) MARELLI 70F3238+95320(ID48) MARELLI MB91465P+95640(ID46) MARELLI 9S12DG128 3K91D(ID48) MARELLI 9S12DG256 1K79X(ID48) MARELLI 9S12DG256 1K79X(ID46) SIEMENS/CONTINENTAL 9S12DG128(ID46)   Program keys… Continue Reading

Free download Mercedes Price list PL72 11-2018 for EPC

Mercedes Price list DB PL 11-2018 download free: currency Euro https://mega.nz/#!xtUWharI!NMAeaFHtWUg-VCoyJpeNKJvhu0CplCIZpHMOZIRbqB8 currency USD https://mega.nz/#!YsNGSIyS!y5WFRYh2YDgvWhF46pnFe1tsyvhiu5ognx27RGtV0OI currency GBP https://mega.nz/#!BkEExaqa!81UmZq95BC5_xZeKMvgyC8h3IN-kjf_jPea2DsMOn5g currency RUB https://mega.nz/#!18MS1KBR!ciWfeHNd4Rd1tqLuYH63TrOes-ksWEjzO56Bg4jUEBk currency NOK https://mega.nz/#!E9EkVSaI!57Y4Ku2KfaVmjwTs37xCrBk2JI6frAB1RpczhgtkdUI currency AUD https://mega.nz/#!VpUylAiJ!au8_waYrkvAGByjN7nTmaXvZMX4u6f7zhrHAbaMgHww Languages are English, German, French, Spanish Covers dealer prices for Passenger Cars – SMART- Maybach –… Continue Reading

Dialink J2534 cable 134usd vs. 31usd?

Where to get Cheap but HQ Dialink J2534 cable? Look here: the cheap Dialink J2534 is the same as the original. They share the same functionality. The original Dialink J2534 cable blue: 134 usd Src: http://ecutools.eu/chip-tuning/dialink/ The cheap Dialink J2534 cable… Continue Reading

Renault CAN CLIP – What’s the latest version?

Look here: What’s the latest version of Renault CAN CLIP 11.2018 Renault CANCLIP 182 (latest version; unknown risk) 11.2018 Renault CAN CLIP 181 2018.10 Renault CAN CLIP 180 2018.07 Renault CANCLIP 179 2018.06 Renault CAN CLIP 178  Renault CAN CLIP 178 (latest tested version!) 2018.05 Renault… Continue Reading

Renolink Renault vs Renault CANCLIP vs Renault-COM

Look here: Renault diagnostics & programming tools comparison: Renolink vs CAN CLIP vs Renault-COM Product Renolink Renault Renault CAN CLiP Renault COM Image Price 35.99 euro 95 -135 euro; The quality depends 43.99 euro Features Renault programming tool Renault diagnostic/reprogramming interface… Continue Reading