Renault 12 pin cable on sale: best price & high quality

This is Renault 12 pin cable (pinouts) for diagnosis and programming with CANCLIP source: This is the 12 pin cable for Renault for all Renault models prior 1998 Pin Number Pin Name Description (may be empty) 1 K-Line  Automatic transmission diagnostic (AD4) 2 GND   6 +12V  Accumulator 7 K-Line  Automatic transmission diagnostic (M) Continue Reading→

Fgtech 4 clone:version EU fw 0475 ou version chinoise fw 0386?

Ceci est pour ceux qui recherchent un FGtech 4 cloné décent, soit la version EU ou la version Chine. version EU FGtech 4  du clone: firmware 0475  source: clone Fgtech 4 version chinoise : firmware 0386  Il existe deux versions de China Clone. – L’  article n ° SE61-G  est l’autre version vendue. Il est livré dans une boîte marron, dispose d’un adaptateur d’alimentatContinue Reading→

One-Click INPA Download, Install and Update to ISTA

Now tools like OBD Fusion and PA Soft might all be part of your arsenal for an e46 but there are times when neither of these will do the job. Good examples are Brake Module replacements, or Steering Angle Sensor calibrations. This is why every e46 owner needs a working copy of dealer level software. At least 10 times a week or more there are new posts about INPA. Even the thread titled NOT SO EASY sees the OP frequently having to remote access the owner PC trying to resolve install issues forContinue Reading→

Renault Renolink Review + Download: Crack, No Need Activation

Renolink obd2 renault ecu programmer good and bad results: I use it for: Renault clio 3 2008, DCM 1.2 Ecu mileage change-OK Renault twingo 2 2008 dashboard mileage change-Ok Renault megane 2 2008 key card programming-OK Renault megane 3 2009 ecu km SID 305 mileage-OK Renault megane 3 2012 ecu km SID 307 mileage-not OK, read Ok, write km changed successuful but didnt change   Virgin DAE on modus 2005. Ok. injector code kangoo 2002 ok.   Renolink in turkey good tool airbag clear crasContinue Reading→

2006 SLK350 OBD Odometer Correction: Obdstar Key Master DP PLUS Done!

Success with 2006 Mercedes SLK350 odometer correction! In OBDSTAR X300DP PLUS: Select cluster calibrate – Benz – Benz v30.35 – SLK series – R171 Switch ignition on Read the current mileage: 38750 km (24078 miles) Input a new mileage for correction: 38745 km (24075) Mileage change complete The new miles displayed on the dashboard Job’s done! Continue Reading→

Mitsubishi L200 Remote Program: Done with SBB2 and VVDI Keytool

Tested successfully! Super SBB2 and VVDI Key tool can program remotes to Mitsubishi L200! Car: Mitsubishi L200 TRITON >-2011 22 Tools for use: Super SBB2 key programmer VVDI Keytool The test: In SBB2: Select a car: China – Select from vehicle – L200 TRITON – > -2011 – Type 1 Start to program remotes Switch ignition on The function will erase all remotes All current remotes are erased Number of remotes programmed: 0 Press each remote control UNLOCK key Continue Reading→

CGDI MB/BMW Activation et expiration

CGDI MB: pour mercedes, cela dépend des versions C’est pour les versions de base, vous pouvez calculer le pass une fois par jour et l’activation est gratuite tout le temps pour les versions avancées, vous pouvez calculer le pass deux fois, puis une activation gratuite pendant 6 mois, mais après 6 mois, vous devez payer 50USD par mois pour l’activation Correction du compteur kilométrique Mercedes et autorisation de passerelle: Reading→

Odis 4.3.3 can’t identify VAS 5054a: 100% working solution

Odis 4.3.3 cannot identify VAS 5054A head, installed on VM Windows 7 x64. Latest .Net Framework, latest java, latest windows updates. The error: The exact solution in my case: Clear VM Windows 7 x64, Install odis 4.3.3 and postsetup. Without additional java download. Then I copied 4 files from version 1.20.35: (extract from archive)!FXpUgIrA!DRe9vCC8NqBMgxfT-gCV0pHAXnEa3CPRfLNmUMhaFYU and replaced it by pass: C:\Program Files (x86)\Softing\D-PDU API\1.20.042\VeCom\VASContinue Reading→

How to use Carprog 8.21 for Peugeot 3008 Eeprom 95080 km change

Topic: Peugeot 3008 change mileage, possible to do with Carprog? Programming tool: Carprog Software version: 8.21 Source: Car and year: Peugeot 3008 2012 Eeprom: 95080 Purpose: Peugeot 3008 2012 odometer correction In Carprog 8.21 software: Read and save the original data Read the current mileage: 278655 km Write a new km: 78655 km Read the new km Read eeprom data and save the new data Continue Reading→

FVDI 2018 2015 2014 software download FREE

Free download FVDI 2018 2015 2014 software: FVDI 2018 v3.0 download (published on 20th-July-2018):!KRBzVIrD!uE0ZGjYAbTv0sEZPQjLN0jejex_yI0IF9R3Wad21f7g Original FVDI 2015 v9.0 download (published on 20th-July-2018):!3BxWQYJR!xV3dDkp6xsPRaHBqUwsHPnicTCPwGW5Hl1IRLyLCbo0 Clone FVDI Full 2015 V6.3 software download:!xtlBSDrR!3xeAs2TJe9kZlHZAne891aZIV1_9yiUIonXL2AH0W0s FVDI 2014 software download free:!AcZx1Zra!Z4iiH_DContinue Reading→

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