Renault Clio 4 Delphi DCM 3.4 lire les données sur banc: Ktag terminé!

Lecture de Renault Delphi DCM 3.4 sur un banc… Fonction: Lire les données Car: Renault Clio 4 ECU :  Delphi DCM 3.4 Méthode:  sur banc Outil de programmation du calculateur: Ktag source: Résultat: le succès! Astuces:  Lecture de  Delphi DCM 3.4 avec Kess v2  Esp. pour R enault Megane III 1.5 dci 90 ch (Delphi DCM 3.4) avec système de carte Assurez-vous que tous les guides d&rsContinue Reading→

KTAG Ford SID208 Voltage: 14 Volts Works Perfect

What’s the power supply for SID 208 read/write with a Ktag programmer? Look here – it’s successful experience of users. Hope it’s helpful. Review 1: I read Ford SID208 by KTAG EU CLONE V6.070 – 14.1V and work perfect.  Lower voltage doesn’t work. SID needs higher voltage, use external battery and charger or higher output adapter. Review 2: Ford SID208 and PSA SID807evo done by KTAG OK! Review 3: KTAG EU clone read and write no problem!  Done Land Rover DefendeContinue Reading→

KTAG Firmware V7.020 En ligne Version PCB Rouge ECU Programmeur Avec 4 LED Token Illimité

KTAG K-TAG Firmware V7.020 En ligne Version PCB Rouge ECU Programmeur Avec 4 LED Token Illimité KTAG ECU Programmeur Utilisation Conseils: 1. Ne pas mettre à jour le logiciel en ligne, sinon il sera endommagé. 2. Ne pas connecter à Internet et d’utiliser un logiciel anti-virus lorsque vous utilisez ce logiciel 3. Utilisez uniquement le logiciel que nous fournissons. Top 8 raisons pour acheter K-TAG: 1. Software Version: V2.23, Firmware Version: V7.020. 2. Multi-langue: anglaContinue Reading→

How to choose SD card for KESS and KTAG change CID?

SD-cards provided with KESS and KTAG don’t meet the standards to be able to have a serial number (CID) identical between them. Indeed, for the KESS or KTAG to work, the contents of the SD-cards must be encrypted in relation to its CID. Speed is not the most important. But a SD card with a writing speed of 0.063MB/s is a very bad SD card. The most important is to have a reliable SD card for a good and reliable rework. Sandisk Ultra SD-card & Samsung evo plus card: I have buy samsContinue Reading→

Read Marelli ECUs: MPPS V18 vs BDM100 vs Ktag vs FgTech 4?

Magneti Marelli produces advanced systems and components for the automobile industry. With 89 production units, 12 R&D centres and 26 application centres in 19 countries, more than 38,000 employees and a turnover of 6,5 billion Euro in 2014, the Group supplies all the major carmakers in Europe, North and South America and the Far East. The business areas include Electronic Systems, Lighting, Motor Control, Suspension Systems and Shock Absorbers, Exhaust Systems, Aftermarket Parts & SContinue Reading→

How to use Ktag 7.020 for Mercedes GL350 EDC17CP46

About: Chip-tuning Mercedes Benz GL350 3.0CDi 249 Hp 2015 with Ktag 7.020 Car: Mercedes Benz GL350 3.0CDi 249 Hp 2015 ECU: Bosch EDC17CP46 IROM TC 1797 A completely new GL came to Chemists 2 to add power. The machine is 2015 year of release, mileage is 500 km. To work on increasing the power, you must remove the computer, which is located under the locker of the right wheel. The firmware is produced in the « on the table » mode by the professional ECU programmer KTag firmware 7.0Continue Reading→

Comment utiliser Ktag pour éclairer Magneti Marelli IAW 6LP

Ceci est IAW 6LPB Magneti Marelli Bench clignotant avec un programmeur KTag en mode de démarrage Banc Citroen C5 clignotant – STF10280 mode de démarrage Démonter l’ECU      Lancer KTag Sélectionnez le modèle Fabricant: Citroen Modèle: C5 (II) Version: 2000 16v Type: RFJ (EW10A) KW: 103 HP: 140 Carburant: essence MY: 2008 ECU: Magneti Marelli IAW 6LP MContinue Reading→

Galletto V54 bench flashing Marelli IAW 6LP1.49 PSA via BOOT

Topic: Marelli IAW 6LPB PSA bench flashing via BOOT mode ECU programming tool: FGTech 4 Galletto V54 (china clone) Vehicle & ECU detailed information: Manufacturer: Citroen Model: C5 (II) Version: 2000 16v Type: RFJ (EW10A) KW: 103 HP: 140 Fuel: Petrol MY: 2008 ECU: Magneti Marelli IAW 6LP Mode: BOOT ST FAM: 45 CHK: √ RO: √ Read by Ktag through BOOT mode ECU and FGTech 4 connection: Connected through K Line Galletto V54 reading Marelli ECU: Select Driver ECU data readingContinue Reading→

Kess V5.017 PCB En Rouge Plus KTAG V7.020 Illimité Token

Kess V5.017 Version En Ligne PCB En Rouge Plus V2.23 KTAG K-TAG Firmware V7.020 Illimité Token C’est le groupe SE137-C1 Kess V2 V2.23 Firmware V5.017 Version En Ligne PCB rouge Plus SE135-B V2.23 KTAG K-TAG Firmware V7.020 SE137-C1 KESS V2 V5.017 Top Caractéristiques: 1. Version en ligne Kess V2 Firmware V5.017 supporte le service en ligne par connexion internet 2. 100% pas besoin de tokens pour tous les véhicules, non bouton reset, vous pouvez utiliser Kess V5.017 pour toContinue Reading→

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