KTAG Ford SID208 Voltage: 14 Volts Works Perfect

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What’s the power supply for SID 208 read/write with a Ktag programmer? Look here – its successful experience of users. Hope its helpful.

Review 1: I read Ford SID208 by KTAG EU CLONE V6.070 – 14.1V and work perfect. 

Lower voltage doesn’t work. SID needs higher voltage, use external battery and charger or higher output adapter.

Review 2: Ford SID208 and PSA SID807evo done by KTAG OK!

Review 3: KTAG EU clone read and write no problem! 

Done Land Rover Defender 2013 with 2.2 transit engine SID208 using KTAG 2.11 and write by OBD using KESS V2 2.08 both PCB not reworked just changed NXP chip!

Review 4: I had transit 2012 SID208. Until 13.7 volts, nothing, communication error!

After raising the voltage it worked like a charm! It’s a Chinese clone just that I reworked.

Review 5: I made sid208 with china reworked KTAG, read/write 100%, but you need china quartz component or resonator with 3 pins, not better 2 pins.

Review 6: You need 10amp and 14V and KTAG will read it perfectly!

Review 7: My power supply is 5A and voltage 13 and read 100%

Review 8: 13.5V is ok, but needed provide lot Amps, can use car battery for power supply if lab tools are not from top.

Review 9: 13.8V 3amp and mine reads fine.

Review 10: KTAG read fine, 12.5V 3amp supply.