2014 VW Passat Toutes clés perdues: VVDI2 + VAG OBD Helper done!

Voiture:  VW Passat 2014 Situation: toutes les clés sont perdues Objet et méthode:  clé programmée via OBD Outil clé:  utilisation de VVDI2 et de l’ assistant VAG Temps:  moins de 10 minutes!. Étapes pour programmer une clé : Étape 1: Installation du pilote et du logiciel pour VAG OBD Helper Étape 2: Lire les données IMMO via OBD à l’aide de VAG Helper. Étape 3: Confier le concessionnaire à l’aide d’un transpondeur TP08 Megamos 48 Étape 4: ApprentissageContinue Reading→

logiciel vvdi2 V6.1.0 téléchargement gratuit

Dernière mise à jour du logiciel VVDI2 version V6.1.0: https://mega.nz/#!2sxmDYCT!VXl3Dj4lgCsYr4vTLrJOfbOiGZ5DGyjTtr-ve8WdlZ8 *** 2018-01-07  *** Nécessite le firmware V6.1.0  ********************************** *************** *********************  ===== VAG V6.1.0 =====  1. Améliorations pour MQB: préparer la clé du concessionnaire  a). Prise en charge de la modification de l’ID de clé MQB (prise en charge de GEKO en ligne) , nécessite l’utilisation de la connexiContinue Reading→

Promotion Xhorse Merry Christmas pour l’autorisation VVDI2

Promotion Xhorse Merry Christmas pour l’autorisation VVDI2: 1er: Pour activer la fonction 96-clone 96 bits avec un seul jeton gratuit tous les jours pendant un an, il suffit de 2000 points bonus + 50 USD pour la version avancée de vvdi2 (version complète) 2ème: forfait d’un an 96 bits et 48 clones pour obtenir un seul jeton gratuit tous les jours pendant un an, vous avez simplement besoin de 1500 points bonus 3ème: Pour vvdi mb tool jetons illimités pour un an seulemContinue Reading→

VVDI2 Porsche Instruction for Newbies

Help please! This is total newbie question but I’m going to buy a vvdi2. And first job on the list is a 2008 Porsche Cayenne turbo. How do I do this vehicle? Any help much appreciated. Tips from experienced users: You need to first buy the tool and follow the instructions on the manual. Most porsches are programmed directly by eeprom but you need to practice before getting out to program it to an actual customer If you want some help. It programs the same way as a vw passat and cc If I am noContinue Reading→

2014 Citroen DS3 Pull PIN and Program Keys with VVDI2

Yes I have done 2014 Citroen ds3 pulled pin and programmed key in seconds. Done with VVDI2 Xhorse 3D shows the following for C3/DS3: Programming: Immobiliser: Diagnostically Remote: Re-sync after programming the immobiliser. The following part is born for the remote doesn’t work. Try with a working remote: Psa use pcf7961. There is ASK/FSK, 2 or 3 buttons and till 2006 and after 2006, also 315 and 434 Mhz, many types.. any type depends on the BSI installed. Chinese cheap remotes they buContinue Reading→

Why VAG OBD cable? Coz MQB, Audi BCM2, VAG 5th Immo…

Here are reasons why you should have a VAG OBD cable: For the VAG vehicle withMQB immo, if the immo data can’t be read out, you can try to use VAG OBD helper, but can work for adding new keys (Take Johnson Controls key adding for example) 2. If A4L Q5 can’t be directly read out BCM2 data, and display the data length error, VAG OBD helper can be used to calculate BCM2 data. 3.If you get all keys lost for any of 2014 A6 A7 A8 Touareg, PHIDEON with the 5th immo system, you can uContinue Reading→

2016 Toyota Land Cruiser all keys lots: VVDI2 or Tang makes keys?

Question: Possible to make new smart keys by a Xhorse VVDI2 or Original Tango key programmer?  2016 Land Cruiser lost all keys… Yes or No…Here you go Car: 2016 Toyota Land Cruiser Key: smart key; all keys lost Key tool: Tango or VVDI2 key programmer VVDI2: possible by eeprom: yes it can write a chip for emergency start and then add a key with any other programmer ….so if the question its if you can generate a chip with the dump the answer its yes …. by obd: no toContinue Reading→

BMW X5 MSV80 Add Keys: Done with VVDI2 Xhose

Confirmed! Xhorse VVDI2 is able to make a dealer key to BMW X5 MSV80. Tested by a locksmith Jet (Many thanks!) The ECU info of X5: dme msv80 Connection is done and ready for key adding Msv80 in vvdi2 Vvdi2 read out ecu isn File make key Load eeprom dump file Select key 9, then make dealer key Please put new key into vvdi2 key programmer The key doesn’t have keyless Please save the new eeprom dump file Please flash the new cas eeprom dump into the car Then use the new dealerContinue Reading→

Tool Needed for BMW IMMO, Mileage, Diagnosis

Suggestion for those looking for a tool to do BMW key programming, mileage adjustment, diagnosis Better buy separate devices, VVDI2 for key programming, Digimaster 3 for odometer correction, BMW ICOM for diagnosis. VVDI2 for BMW key programming: Ews 1-4, cas 1-4, fem/bdc Digimaster 3 for odometer correction: Digimaster3 BMW Car List (2000-2017 ) BMW Car Model CAS1 912DG128 (3K91D) CAS2 9S12DG256 (2K79X) CAS3 9S12DG256 (0L01Y) CAS3+ 9S12XDP512 (0L15Y) CAS4 9S12XDP512 (1L15Y) 9S12XEPContinue Reading→

Copy 96 BIT ID48: Keytool faster & easier than VVDI2

Key for VW Transporter 2012 Id48 done with Français VVDI Key tool ! 5 minutes’ job by OBD. Easier and faster to do it with VVDI2 through obd It takes 5min only, although it showed me 180min other day. The calculation time is short. Followed the how-to’s here: http://blog.obd2diy.fr/2018/05/14/confirmed-vvdi-key-tool-is-able-to-vw-48-96-bit-transponder/ The OBD Copy 48 list I have Continue Reading→

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