Odis 4.3.3 can’t identify VAS 5054a: 100% working solution

Odis 4.3.3 cannot identify VAS 5054A head, installed on VM Windows 7 x64. Latest .Net Framework, latest java, latest windows updates. The error: The exact solution in my case: Clear VM Windows 7 x64, Install odis 4.3.3 and postsetup. Without additional java download. Then I copied 4 files from version 1.20.35: (extract from archive) https://mega.nz/#!FXpUgIrA!DRe9vCC8NqBMgxfT-gCV0pHAXnEa3CPRfLNmUMhaFYU and replaced it by pass: C:\Program Files (x86)\Softing\D-PDU API\1.20.042\VeCom\VASContinue Reading→

TabScan S7 on Megane: read and clear codes successfully!

Tested! TabScan S7 is confirmed to work for French vehicles. Here take Renault Megane (Probado Se confirma que TabScan S7 funciona para vehículos franceses. Aquí toma Renault Megane) OBD connection (Conexión OBD) Board status (Estado del tablero) Diagnoses (Diagnosticos) Turn on ignition with the key (Turn on ignition with the key) Euro – Renault (Euro – Renault) Car type: Megane / Scen (Tipo de carro: Megane/Scen) Injection (Inyeccion) Code: EF017 State: Meoria DescContinue Reading→

INPA Windows 10 Download Free: Confirmed to Work Perfect!

I want to share Kpl BMW Standard tools and very easy way to install: just one click… Inpa support F01-F02–F10.F25.F30 and all older Models also NCS-Expertentool with different Expertmode. BMW INPA download link: https://mega.nz/#F!Z9BEDLYI!QLdk9LCkWF8CqmzCnVIwIA How to install: First run Stansard tools 2.12 after install Run Automatic Daten v55 to Update DONE PASS: NO Windows 10: Work nice Tested or not: The link is only tested by a few users on the mhhauto.com Not sure tContinue Reading→

How to add DS to Diagbox software

This is for those have genuine paid for Diagbox the latest version with Peugeot and Citroen working, but I don’t have the DS Automotive button. Tips of how to add DS automotives: Deactivate your diagbox and reactivate and you will have now and the three brands………. All done I have DS automotive listed like the pics above now I’m using Diagbox Version 9.37 Genuine FYI, Diagbox v7 crack has no buttons for DS, but works good with Citroen and Peugeot. If not DS ownersContinue Reading→

Free Download DiagBox v8.35 Lexia v500.74 PP2000 v600.79

Free download DiagBox v8.35; the APP folder includes Lexia v500.74 and PP2000 v600.79 (the latest to date). This arrangement should work with any DiagBox v7.xx and/or DiagBox 8.xx, I have tried it on my own car and it seems to be working fine. The attachment within this post includes a link to the “APP” folder and a batch file to kill all DiagBox processes. https://mega.nz/#!1So3lY6L!JvB3LCQj7KxtMdft_mLC0RX3wOBofsuwuuULIc3JPZY If you wish to try it (at your own risk and having tContinue Reading→

Chinese PSA cable can change VIN of Citroen Grand C4 Picasso

Hi guys, i wanted to program a new SMEG+ radio wanted one with DAB+. And ordered one on Ebay. Then the problem started. the VIN was not change by the seller. or was entered wrong but i found a hack to Change the VIN. ( And all settings of the SMEG) The quick fix i will explain here. When i have some more time i will try create a new solution ( hopefully offline non paying version) So we know that the scary ( offline) version, can’t update the SMEG+ with telecode. in this form they aContinue Reading→

Diagbox V7 V8 Path, How to?

To move forward you can take the Diagbox V7 path or the V8 path.. 1- Diagbox V7 path, because it has 2 different upgrades (scarymistake or maitresox) you need to downgrade to the earliest upgrade that you can move up again.. So, download maitresox upgrades and start using them in reverse up to v758, then up again v7.62, 7.66, 7.74, 7.76 and 7.82 then my Diagbox 7.83. 2- Diagbox V8 path, just follow the procedure starting from stopping all processes and naming AWRoot to AWRoot7 etc.. as descriContinue Reading→

Renault CAN CLiP Yellow PCB Details

Look here: inner board from Renault CAN CLiP diagnostic interface Source: http://www.obd2diy.fr/wholesale/can-clip-renault-with-an2135sc-an2136sc-full-chip.html !!! Renault CAN CLIP  programming  can be done only with  YELLOW PCB  version. GREEN versions failed! CAN CLIP with GREEN pcbs works for Renault obd2 diagnostics and ecu reprogramming . Old Renault CAN CLIP diagnostic interface: GREEN boards Best-quality: Renault CAN CLIP diagnostic tool with item no. SP19-Continue Reading→

How to use Esys for BMW G30 coding (FAQs, Tutorial, Cheat Sheet)

BMW G30 coding – all for you: What tool is used for G30 flash or coding? Any icom will work , but to be safe with f,g,i series vehicles , use a dedicated router as kafas huh and a few other modules will crash if you do not use a router it handles the switches for Ethernet as those modules use more than 1 path way , in short it uses all 4 two pair wires and without router not good , this has worked for me for some time now good luck. note my router does not connect to wan ICOM Next is tContinue Reading→

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