(05.2018) Renault CAN CLIP 177 Download: Testing

(Free download the latest Renault CAN CLIP 177 diagnostic software and test it on your own risk: https://mega.nz/#!gLZV3BpK!i0zFvZCOZU2ePRmyMDDR6S1JQKiQltx1MJi2P3_5tcc You can tested with CANCLIP interface genuine or clone but no one holds responsibility of what happened to you and your device… Continue Reading

2018 Foxwell NT520 Pro vs. 2017 Foxwell NT510

Looking for a NT510 Foxwell…but when i searched on the web, i found another device named “Foxwell NT520 Pro”..seems better than N510. anyone has good success of NT520? and what’s the difference of Foxwell NT520 Pro and NT510? Tech support… Continue Reading

VAS 5054A and Xentry/DAS, HDS, Techstream, JLR SDD: Success!

Confirmed! Fantomel shares install kit and passthru options in forums of car repair and helps verify VAS 5054A can works good with Xentry/DAS, HDS, Techstream, JLR SDD software. Here you go… VAS5054a is a K-line, L-line, low and high speed CANBUS device… Continue Reading

OBDSTAR BMT-08 battery tester car list

OBDSTAR BMT-08 battery tester vehicle list: BATTERY_MATCHING Audi Battery control Ateway data bus BMW Automatic Scan Manual Select 1 Series 1’_E81/E82/E87/E88 1’_F20/F21 2 Series 2’_F22/F23 2’_F45 3 Series 3’_E90/E91/E92/E93 3’_F80 3’_F30/F31/F34/F35 4 Series 4’_F32/F33/F36 4’_F82/F83 5 Series 5’_E60/E61 5’_GT(F07) 5’_F10/F11/F18… Continue Reading

Why should I use Dev2tool with Volvo Tech Tool?

FREE download Dev2tool programming + Tech Tool diagnostics Here, you can free download Dev2tool working on Window 7 64bit Tech Tool 1.12. Dev2tool vs. Tech Tool: Premium tech tool: for diagnosis Dev2tool: for programming Download links: Free version: Dev2tool https://mega.nz/#!bEQyRSIa!naNHr2gl7GsVtJDpFRoF63KwLkMAlc0hyPmTZhO086I PTT_1.12.121-FUL https://mega.nz/#!TUJgDSQZ!J_SC7G43N3MuSpzZZb30pLkSEL0b9ZHHgNUSi_DHnuU The… Continue Reading

Auro Otosys IM600 voiture liste, fonctions et langues de soutien

Si vous êtes intéressé par auro im600, s’il vous plaît aller à OBD2Diy.fr et discuter avec moi en ligne Points forts d’Auro OTOSyS IM600: 1. diagnostics: Support de voiture asiatique Renault Samsung, Fuso, Perodua, Proton, Tata, Mahindra. Beaucoup de ces… Continue Reading