Mercedes Benz Xentry OpenShell XDOS 2017.09 free download and install

Mercedes Benz Xentry OpenShell XDOS 2017.09 free download!ZUZz3JBL!0NSwL9wyFV9ApFqRR0Jofw , 28774.84MB PW: OpenShell9.2017 Mercedes Benz Xentry OpenShell XDOS 2017.09 software features: Starkey like old version 7 2017 and 5 2017 More secure Data is not visible DAS Controlled from xentry… Continue Reading

How to install Techstream 12.20.024 Windows 7 (video)

Toyota Techtsream TIS v12.20.024 is updated, tested successfully and released!  This is how to install Techstream software 12.20.024. Techstream 12.20.024 download: (Mega link will be available) operation system: Windows 7 32 bit How-to’s: Step 1: install Techstream 12.20.024 software open… Continue Reading

Toyota Techstream V12.20.024 download FREE with MINI VCI reviews

what is mini vci: Toyota diagnostic connectors, and ran across something called a Mini VCI adaptor meant for use with Toyota’s TechStream software. The physical interface looks like a standard OBDII and according to this advertisement it supports the following… Continue Reading

Opcom firmware 1.95 / 1.70 / 1.65 / 1.59 / 1.45 Win 7/8/10 Télécharger et installer

Opcom Vaux com Win7 Win8 Win 10 Installation Télécharger gratuitement l’outil de diagnostic Op Vaux-com 120309a et installer sur Windows 7/8/10 / XP, y compris la dernière version Opcom 1.95 Vaux-com 120309a Windows 7. Vaux-com 120309a télécharger gratuitement pour le… Continue Reading

What is INPA/Ediabas?

INPA is a diagnostic interpreter program that communicates with your car using BMW’s own factory developed Electronic Diagnosis and Information protocol (EDIABAS). INPA is a powerful and comprehensive diagnostic tool but there is no simple handbook available that I know of… Continue Reading

(Solved) ISTA-P Error 94201: technical service initialization failed

Help figure out BMW ICOM A2 ISTA-P Error 94201: technical service initialization failed ISTA D – work perfect but ISTAP shows error message: 94201: technical service initialization failed, 10007 (CIP) Fault during initialization of EDIABAS 1000000 Global unknown Solution 1: install EDIABAS_7.3.0 patched,and try, 100% work!T9QHDQRT!Cr0xX_N7Bc5CAojxlpcFI50zWfz_Jd8TcM352Lt4E8I Solution 2: If using D+CAN cable you need to run ‘network tool’ and… Continue Reading