Where did you see key programming tool for Porsche?

Here are some of my thoughts of the Foxwell NT510 for Porsche: http://www.obd2diy.fr/wholesale/francais-foxwell-nt520-pro-multi-systme-scanneur-full-systeme.html (now it’s NT520, but the same in Porsche actually) There is a lot more to diagnostic tools than just “code reading” and OBD2 is an open standard (for… Continue Reading

Renault CAN CLIP and Megane II ECU K9K: Diagnosis Done!

Here is what the engineer tested on Renault Megane II: Renault CAN CLiP communicates with the car Renault CAN CLiP reads faults Renault CAN CLiP clears Faults Renault CANCLiP does a multiplexed network test Renault CANCLiP reads parameters In detail…… Continue Reading

SDconnect C4 Comprehensive Component List: From Clone to Genuine

Here someone from mhhauto.com provides a comprehensive list of which component on Chinese SDconnect C4 mux to change to a genuine one, including the MLCC values The RAM for the PPC on the top is DDR SDRAM (16Mx16) (search for k4h56xx38j_66tsop2_rev10.pdf). Alliance, ISSI, and Winbond make crosses… Continue Reading