Comment installer Forscan Windows 10 avec une licence étendue

Voici comment résoudre le problème de la licence étendue Forscan avec Windows 10 Assurez-vous que le  programme forscan est fermé lorsque vous effectuez ces modifications! Si vous ouvrez la licence avec le bloc-notes, le chemin du registre vous sera fourni. Il vous suffit ensuite de copier et de coller les informations de clé sur la ligne de registre, puis d’enregistrer les modifications. Recherchez d’abord la licence que vous avez téléchargée à partir de Forscan,  cliqueContinue Reading→

Diagbox v7 et Peugeot 308: pas de connexion (résolu)

Salut!  J’ai installé la  version 7.62 (effrayante) de Diagbox sans problème et j’utilise l’interface Lexia 3 avec 4.3.3 et le «C» (voir l’image). Mais ce n’est pas possible de se connecter à la voiture (voir photo) pas quand je mets dans le VIN manuellement ou automatiquement.    Premier… J’ai essayé d’activer avec le vérificateur d’interface, utilisé différents ports USB et débrancher / déconnecter multible l’interfacContinue Reading→

Renault CAN CLIP 184 Téléchargement GRATUIT (02.2019)

Téléchargez gratuitement la dernière Renault Clip V184 au format torrent:!zy4GkYjY!aFThOQLDNXOC44k-ARRego-R3RCKnAHt3EUBNzWxppY pass: sans mot de passe sécurité: inconnue, pas testée par les professionnels mais les ingénieurs obd2diy la testent Système d’exploitation: Windows 7, 8, 10 l ANGUES:  Langue multi – Anglais, Italien, Français, espagnol, thaï, grec, polonais, russe, vietnamien, norvégien, PaysBas, Turquie CO, CR, CZ, DK, EL, FI, HG, Continue Reading→

How to use E-sys with ICOM Next

Esys definitely works with ICOM NEXT. This is what I followed. Just lock it with EasyConnect, obd_ab625 and then insert your ICOM IP in ESYS connection manager. Here are the steps: You have to lock/check the ICOM IP in ISTA-D so E-Sys can use it. Therefore you need a tool like EasyConnect or iToolRadar. Connect the ICOM Next, turn the ignition on, start f.e. iToolradar. Now you can see the connection from the ICOM (normally on, mark it and click on reserve (in EasyCContinue Reading→

How to update a forced PDK with Porsche PIWIS 2

Applicable Model/Year 2013-2016 Porsche 981 Cayman and Boxster (Base, S, GTS) w/ PDK Transmission 2012-2016 Porsche 911.1 NA Carrera (Base, S, GTS) w/ PDK Transmission 2014-2016 Porsche 911 Turbo and Turbo S w/ PDK Transmission How To Enable This function must be performed by a Porsche PIWIS II It will be possible with a PIWIS IIIbut the workflow process may vary.  When And Why to Update A forced PDK update is required when a vehicle possesses the Q033 ROM and an open campaign update Continue Reading→

Renault Magnum EURO 3 diagnostics: Vocom 88890300 can?

Tested successfully. Have used Vocom 88890300 for Renault Magnum EURO 3 with E-Tech engine I am using vocom 88890300 unit off Open Diagnostica  Select a vehicle: truck – magnum Select a ECU: all ECUs – E-TECH (Euro 3) – E-Tech engine (12 I) Pls turn on the ignition to go on Start Renault diagnostics 1 Defects present 2 Defects in memory 3 Diagnostic 4 Parameter setting in detail… 1 Defects present 2 Defects in memory 3 Diagnostic visualContinue Reading→

How to update DiagBox VCI firmware 2.0.1 to 4.3.7

Some users have been asking for specific DiagBox VCI Firmware, I (@simple) have attached a zipped file containing all APPLI.COM releases, from 2.0.1 to 4.3.7 (current latest). important: for both the clone and original? It should be fine for clone also, the serial number does not get changed with these firmware (2.0.1 to 4.3.5), in fact they are original software which is supposed to be checked and automatically updated by DiagBox when you connect. It has been disabled by scarymistake anContinue Reading→

What is the most powerful software for ELM327 multi-brand? (PSA, Renault, Opel…)

Question: Hello everyone I would like to know what is the most powerful software for elm327 brand by brand or multi-brand for all cars for example which one and better for Renault  for opel  for Peugeot etc .. Review 1: Personally the elm is worthless and is more than limited for any diag, if you want to make the correct diag you need either a custom Chinese clone to a brand (diagbox for psa, canclip for Renault) and if you want to do multi brand orients to Autiocom, Delphi.  Review 2: FoContinue Reading→

Renault CANCLIP Driver Software User Manual

Renault CAN CLIP 183 driver software manual: software version: Renault clip 183 driver sw note: Can Clip v183 no need to replace anything Part 1: How to solve Renault CLIP driver error “Unknown device” Part 2: How to install CAN CLIP driver software in detail… Part 1: Renault CLIP driver “Unknown device” error and solution The error message: Update driver software – unknown device Windows encountered a problem installing the driver software for you device Continue Reading→

Diagbox v7 Windows 7/XP Install + Tests on Peugeot

I finally have a Lexia 3 chinese interface working with diagbox 7.02….or rather partially working. Win 7 Pro 64 bit with a Windows Virtual PC/Windows XP Mode installed. (Windows Virtual PC and XP mode are free for various versions of Win 7, just installing it on Win 7 will bring up diagbox, but it will just get stuck on the “selection of Application” screen with the Diagbox and PP2000 buttons, and clicking either one will go straight back to that screen). Vehicle 1 : PeugeoContinue Reading→

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