How to update Digimaster 3 via LAN cable + set IP address

This is for those who failed to update Digimaster 3 software, and got error message “download failed…net error, please ensure network ok!” tech support: Digimaster 3 software updated required a LAN cable for connection. And please do automatic IP address setup after sw update. Reference: Digimaster 3 online update manual Step 1: plug the power supply to digimaster3 and insert the network cable into the LAN port on the digimaster3 unit. Step 2: select “ManagemenContinue Reading→

Fvdi 2018 odometer correction for vehicles 2018?

Q: Fvdi 2018 can change km for Astra k and Corsa 2016? A: Sorry. FVDI 2018 cannot for vehicles after 2014 Q: You mean odometer correction cannot work for post-2014 vehicles or what else? A: For new vehicles after 2014, the diagnostics function works only. As for special functions such as key programming mileage change and the like, you have no luck but you could ask Obdstar X300 DP PLUS for help. Good luck! Attachment: Obdstar X300 DP PLUS FULL Configuration Immobilizer + Mileage correContinue Reading→

Mercedes OBD Odometer Correction: OBDSTAR X300M Possible?

Obdstar X300M on Mercedes Benz: Possible? If so, what to do with it? Obdstar X30OM Mercedes V30.24 BENZ GL Series X164 ML Series W164 R Series W251 BENZ A Series W169 B Series W245 C Series W203(2007.04-) W204 CLK Series C207(E-COUPE) W209 CLS Series W218(2011-) E Series A207(E-CABRIO) W211 W212 G Series W463 GL Series X164 GLK Series X204 ML Series W164 R Series W251 SLC Series R197 SLK Series R171 BENZH A Series W169 W176 B Series W245 W246 C Series W203(2007.04-) W204 W205 CLA Series W117 Continue Reading→

Xentry tips: Fault code P012800 – Engine diagnosis warning lamp activated

This is for those need information on the Xentry tips platform. Fyi, I am not an expert on this subject. On occasion I have had access and have looked up information on TIPS (always on-line). Recently, I was looking for information that I knew existed. It was not in TIPS. In the US version of STAR TekInfo all of this information is listed under the heading of Star Bulletins. There are several sub headings: DTB, Service Bulletins, Service Campaigns, Recall Campaigns, Installation Bulletins, Continue Reading→

Volvo OBD odometer correction: OBDSTAR X300M possible?

OBDSTAR X300M Volvo odometer correction car list: OBDSTAR X300M VOLVO V31.00 VOLVO By Dash DASH Detect 0L85D 1M80F 1M80F(CAN 500K) 1K78X 1H56A 3K91D 3L16Y 4F73K By Car S40 2007-(3L16Y) S50 2007-(3L16Y) S60 2000-2001(4F73K) 2001-2002(3K91D) 2003-2007(0L85D) 2007- Type1(1K78X) Type2(1K78X) S80 1999-2000(1H56A) 2000-2001(4F73K) 2001-2002(3K91D) 2003-2007(0L85D) 2010-(1M80F) V40 2003-2007(0L85D) 2012-(1M80F 500K) V50 2003-2007(0L85D) 2007-(3L16Y) V70 1999-2000(1H56A) 2000-2001(4F73K) 2001-200Continue Reading→

OBDSTAR X300M ajoute mercedes/fiat/volvo/VAG MQB

OBDSTAR X300M le plus dévoué et le plus professionnel est uniquement pour le réglage du compteur kilométrique, qui crée profession. X300M support MQB maintenant. Le système de l’unité principale adopte ARM puce à grande vitesse pour le faire fonctionner rapide, stable et anti-brouillage. Mise à jour via carte TF à tout moment. Nouvelle mise à jour ajoute mercedes/fiat/volvo/VAG MQB modèles, on regarde la liste suivante: BENZ V30.24 BENZ GL Series X164 ML Series W164 R SeriesContinue Reading→

Digiprog 3 PSA Peugeot Citroën Odometer Correction

Digiprog 3 china clone works good on PSA Peugeot Citroën odometer correction Digiprog 3 and PSA: OK Peugeot 206 from 2008 BSI and DASH by plug OK Peugeot E7 BSI and dash, Peugeot 407 06, Peugeot 406 bsi and dash, Peugeot 307 912 BSI Peogeot 307 95160 BSI Peugeot 207 95128 but you must select citroen C3 menu Peugeot 406 VDO Dash done by cluster conector…ok Peugeot 306 by dashplug working good Peugeot 308 2011 odo 95080 and BSI 95128ok Peugeot 307 2002 —> Work, Dash —>Continue Reading→

Digiprog 3 Test Report (06.2018)

Digiprog 3 review: (updated on 01-06-2018) Peugeot 206 from 2008 BSI and DASH by plug OK Ford Focus 2005 (Model 2004>) OBD OK VW Passat 2007 OBD OK Seat Leon 2008 OBD OK Smart 2008 OBD OK Opel Vivaro Cluster OK Smart DASH 2002 Cluster OK Done today Citroen C4 year 2008 by eeprom clip. Dash and BSI works alright. dp3 do an odometer correction on a4 2009 2.7 tdi 2009 model bij OBD no problem.10-25min normally Audi A4 09 diag, 2011 Ford Focus diag, Peugeot E7 BSI and dash, Fiat Doblo dContinue Reading→

How to use Digiprog 3 for Audi a3 2008 odometer correction

ISSUE: I used a Digiprog 3 china for mileage correction on a Audi a3 2008.. during programming it said ignition off and on, but then the dash went dead and car starts for a second and turned off again I tried to disconnect the battery but didn’t helped. what to do now?? thanx a lot for help! SOLUTION: Hi, I had the same problem with a 2012 A3 dash went blank and car will start for 2 seconds then turn off !! This problem occurred because I did not turn ignition off and on when DigiprContinue Reading→

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