Xentry tips: Fault code P012800 – Engine diagnosis warning lamp activated

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This is for those need information on the Xentry tips platform.

Fyi, I am not an expert on this subject.

On occasion I have had access and have looked up information on TIPS (always on-line). Recently, I was looking for information that I knew existed. It was not in TIPS. In the US version of STAR TekInfo all of this information is listed under the heading of Star Bulletins. There are several sub headings: DTB, Service Bulletins, Service Campaigns, Recall Campaigns, Installation Bulletins, and XENTERY TIPS. I found the information DTB. Even with the LI number, it was not in TIPS. Don’t assume that if what you are looking for in TIPS is not there, it does not exist.

In the Tips is the LI info (Local Information) and the GI (General Inforamtion)
but in the TIPS not have campaign, the campaign is in an other program.

Xentry Tips: Engine diagnosis warning lamp activated – Fault code P012800



Engine diagnosis warning lamp activated – The fault code P012800 “The coolant temperature is below the coolant thermostat specific temperature” is stored in the engine control unit.


After engine start, the engine coolant warms up more slowly than specific in the curve stored in the engine control unit.


Note: in vehicles before 05.2017, reprogram engine control unit with BD/DVD 05.2017 or higher


Erase fault memory and perform a test drive when the engine has cooled down

If the fault reoccurs afterwards:

– perform guided test “check component ‘R58 (coolant the mostat heating element)”

– generate a new quick test (with fault freeze frame data)

– create a tip case and send it together with the quick test + the guided test to you MPC

Control unit & fault codes: