Lonsdor K518ise and Citroen C5: read BSI pin, program/reprogram key

Programmeur De Clef

Confirmed! Lonsdor K518ise is able to program key with remote control on Citroen C5. Lonsdor can get pin code from BSI system and program key fob

Step 1: Lonsdor K518ise read pins from Citroen C5

Step 2: Lonsdor K518ise programmed new keys to Citroen C5

Step 3: Reprogram Citroen C key

Step 4: Test the new keys’ functionality

In detail…

Step 1: Lonsdor K518ise read pins from Citroen C5

Immobilizer – citroen – read pin code – type 1

lonsdor-k518-citroen-c5-immo-1 lonsdor-k518-citroen-c5-immo-2 lonsdor-k518-citroen-c5-immo-3 lonsdor-k518-citroen-c5-immo-4

Ignition off and on for several times.. the K518 will tell you all

lonsdor-k518-citroen-c5-immo-5 lonsdor-k518-citroen-c5-immo-6 lonsdor-k518-citroen-c5-immo-7 lonsdor-k518-citroen-c5-immo-8 lonsdor-k518-citroen-c5-immo-9 lonsdor-k518-citroen-c5-immo-10 lonsdor-k518-citroen-c5-immo-11 lonsdor-k518-citroen-c5-immo-12 lonsdor-k518-citroen-c5-immo-13 lonsdor-k518-citroen-c5-immo-14 lonsdor-k518-citroen-c5-immo-15 lonsdor-k518-citroen-c5-immo-16 lonsdor-k518-citroen-c5-immo-17 lonsdor-k518-citroen-c5-immo-19 lonsdor-k518-citroen-c5-immo-20 lonsdor-k518-citroen-c5-immo-21 lonsdor-k518-citroen-c5-immo-22 lonsdor-k518-citroen-c5-immo-23 lonsdor-k518-citroen-c5-immo-24 lonsdor-k518-citroen-c5-immo-25 lonsdor-k518-citroen-c5-immo-26 lonsdor-k518-citroen-c5-immo-27 lonsdor-k518-citroen-c5-immo-28

Lonsdor K518ise managed to read pin codes!

Step 2: Lonsdor K518ise programmed new keys to Citroen C5


Immobilizer – citroen – select from vehicle – c5 – immobilizer – type 3 – program key

lonsdor-k518-citroen-c5-immo-29 lonsdor-k518-citroen-c5-immo-30 lonsdor-k518-citroen-c5-immo-31 lonsdor-k518-citroen-c5-immo-32 lonsdor-k518-citroen-c5-immo-33 lonsdor-k518-citroen-c5-immo-34 lonsdor-k518-citroen-c5-immo-35

Lonsdor k518 is gonna to program new keys to Citroen C5

Ignition on


Read vehicle information:

pin, psa number, supplement number, software number, software version


Enter pin code and confirm it

lonsdor-k518-citroen-c5-immo-38 lonsdor-k518-citroen-c5-immo-39

Ignition off and programming starts..


Programming completed!


Program the next key

lonsdor-k518-citroen-c5-immo-42 lonsdor-k518-citroen-c5-immo-43

Step 3: Reprogram Citroen C key

Steps to reprogram a remote control on C5:

  1. Switch ignition off and remove the key
  2. Insert a key and switch ignition on
  3. Within 20 sec, press any button on the remote control for 10 sec and then release
  4. Switch ignition off and remove the key
  5. For more keys. Repeat step 2-4

OK to return

lonsdor-k518-citroen-c5-immo-44 lonsdor-k518-citroen-c5-immo-45

Step 4: Test the new keys’ functionality