What diagnostic tool do you have for your Peugeot?

The budget is 200 euro around for Peugeot diagnostic. Tips and guides… here you go. Option 1: Lexia 3 – basic diagnostic, incl. read/clear codes http://www.obd2diy.fr/wholesale/lexia-3-pp2000-citroen-peugeot-diagnostic-interface.html Option 2: Obdstar F108 – key programming for CAN/K-Line cars http://www.obd2diy.fr/wholesale/obdstar-f108-psa-pin-code-reading-and-key-programming-tool.html Option 3: Obdstar H108 –… Continue Reading

How to rework cloned Lexia 3 as the original

Hello, Here’s a post for the purists of the PSA XS EVOLUTION ACTIA interface (also called Lexia 3 cable)! Edit your Lexia 3 interface to make it equivalent to an original. I do not will detail all the references of the components… Continue Reading

How to install Diagbox 9.12 for Lexia 3 cable

Diagbox will be updated to version 9.12 from 8.55 update. Here, you’ll be told how to install PSA Diagbox 9.12 to make it work with Lexia 3 interface for new cars. Step 1: Diagbox V9 download free: http://blog.obd2diy.fr/2017/11/17/psa-diagbox-v9-12-software-download-free-for-lexia-3-11-2017/ Beforehand, plug your computer to the mains… Continue Reading

How to lower PSA Lexia resolution to 1024×600 on Windows 7

Share the configuration files changes to lower the resolution of PSA Lexia to 1024×600: Go to :\APP\LEXIA\EXE\ecran.ini Change hauteur_ecran to 600 I confirmed that this does indeed work. Today I installed Diagbox V7.06 on a Samsung NC110 netbook borrowed from work (1.5Ghz atom, 2GB ram)… Continue Reading

PSA Diagbox V9.12 software download FREE for Lexia 3 (11.2017)

(11-17-2017) Free download Diagbox software latest version 9.12. Also, you’ll have PSA Diagbox 7.02-8.46 to work with Lexia 3 diagnostic tool. Latest version: Diagbox_setup_v09.12.exe: https://mega.nz/#!Q3gQ2BII!clyFKAaB_iYC7EV5l80yqq0EF3G3chpeV7njmyuWqPQ Where to buy best price Lexia3 ? http://www.obd2diy.fr/producttags/lexia-3.html Diagbox v09.12 original and unchanged. maybe of use… Continue Reading

How to solve PSA Diagbox Failure of the activation (error 0)

Lexia 3 Diagbox software always comes with the error message “Failure of the activation (error 0)” on Windows XP, but works perfect on Windows 7 32 bit. Issues and solutions.. here you go. Windows 7 installation goes without any error.… Continue Reading