Comment faire la configuration ICOM si E-sys ne peut pas être utilisé avec un câble ICOM / ENET

J’ai une configuration avec E-Sys et ISTA +, où j’utilise (normalement) un câble Enet  pour E-sys et un ICOM-1 pour ISTA, mais parfois j’utilise l’ICOM-1 avec E-Sys. Tout fonctionne bien, mais lorsque j’utilise ISTA + sur une voiture (Mini F56) pour lire et effacer la mémoire de défauts, je ne peux plus utiliser E-Sys. Si j’essaie de connecter E-Sys avec mon câble Enet, il ne trouve tout simplement pas de ZGW et si j’essaie de connecter E-SysContinue Reading→

How to convert HALOGEN to LCI HEADLIGHT with a ICOM cable

It’s a HALOGEN TO LCI HEADLIGHT Tutorial!!!! Excuse my English I hope this help some of you guys! In this site you will see the diagram for wiring! Now after you know what your going to do with the wiring uninstall the frm and install frm2. You will need NCS expert and Winkfp and inpa! and the icom cable obd to the computer! when you get the cable just read instruction and you ill be fine.. but just in case if your cable didnt bring the instruction here is how to progContinue Reading→

How to use WinKFP & INPA to find new ZB number

I’d like to explain how to find the right ZB number for anyone out there. 1. Go to Inpa and note the ZB number and ADR through UIF readout. 2. Open C:\EC-APPS\NFS\DATA\gdaten\HWNR.DA2 with notepad. 3. The file has lots of numbers in it arranged in sections. Each section start with $SG_ECU-FAMILY. 4. Use Ctrl + F to find the ZB number you got from Step 1. 5. When you do, note the ECU Family. See step 3. 6. Go to winKFP->Comfort mode, choose ZUSB. 7. Select the ECU Family from step 5 Continue Reading→

How to write VIN with BMW ICOM Tool32

Purpose: Tool32 writes VIN on E70 LCI The hardest and mistery part to get Internet/BMW live working is how to write the suitable VIN on the system On E70 LCI Please read the whole procedure before start, you must understand this before you continue. Look for a suitable VIN, this is in your hands you will have to write this VIN in four different parts, Ill teach you how below Start Tool32.exe Press F3 and load cmediar.prg, your PC must be connected via Dcan cable and the link must be workingContinue Reading→

How to use ISTA for diagnostic on BMW E/F/G/I-series

What tool to use: K+DCAN cable for E series ENET cable for F series BMW ICOM cable for E/F/G/I-series Tip: ICOM Next vs ICOM A3 vs ICOM A2 vs ICOM A Which software to work together: INPA for E-series E sys for F-series ISTA-P for all BMW cars Newest: 2017.12 ISTA-D 4.08.12 ISTA-P Cheapest: 2015.10 ISTA-D 3.51.30 ISTA-P  Note: both tested 100%, use with relief How to start the ISTA workshop system: Double click theISTAicon in the Windows desktop created during the insContinue Reading→

How to use ISTA PsdZData Full for BMW flashing/programming

Thred: BMW Flashing/Programming using BMW ISTA with PsdZData Full Environment/Setup I have set up ISTAD and ISTAP within Oracle VirtualBox virtual machine. Windows 7 x64 Enterprise with SP1 ISTAD v4.3.21 ISTAP v3.60.2 PsdZData v60.1 Full BMW ICOM A2 Clone Using my girlfriend’s loaner F25 X3 28i as a power supply in order to keep voltage between 14.0 and 14.9. This seemed sufficient for maintaining voltage and a temporary alternative to purchasing a Schumacher INC-700A power supply/charger. Continue Reading→

How to activate Internet sevice Combox/CIC

Thread: HOW TO: activating internet service Combox/CIC (Internet via Customer Mobile Phone) Here is a short description what you need to do to activate Internet in your bmw car. This information is absolutely free, so there is no need to pay anyone for this « TOP-SECRET » internet activation procedure!! I did it like described here for myself and it worked this way instantly without problems. There might be other ways to activate internet or maybe I did some steps which are useless, howevContinue Reading→

BMW ENET Cable Review

BMW Esys ENET review: (10.2017 updated) Worked great. I purchased a cable previously from a different reputed vendor and after spending 2 weeks trying to get it to work it did not. I decided to pony up for another cable and this one worked perfectly. I am able to diagnose and program the BMW F10 without issues, connected straight away. This cable does the job. Worked great. Used this with bmw istad and reset battery parameters, switched to AGM battery from Lead acid in the ecu. Showed all troContinue Reading→

What is INPA/Ediabas?

INPA is a diagnostic interpreter program that communicates with your car using BMW’s own factory developed Electronic Diagnosis and Information protocol (EDIABAS). INPA is a powerful and comprehensive diagnostic tool but there is no simple handbook available that I know of which will comprehensively explain its operation or functions. The bottom line with INPA is if you do not understand what a particular function does, you are probably better off leaving that function alone, but having saiContinue Reading→

(Solved) ISTA-P Error 94201: technical service initialization failed

Help figure out BMW ICOM A2 ISTA-P Error 94201: technical service initialization failed ISTA D – work perfect but ISTAP shows error message: 94201: technical service initialization failed, 10007 (CIP) Fault during initialization of EDIABAS 1000000 Global unknown Solution 1: install EDIABAS_7.3.0 patched,and try, 100% work!T9QHDQRT!Cr0xX_N7Bc5CAojxlpcFI50zWfz_Jd8TcM352Lt4E8I Solution 2: If using D+CAN cable you need to run ‘network tool&rsquoContinue Reading→

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