12.2018 Renault CAN CLIP 183 Test Report: Success!

(21-12-2018) Good news! We obd2diy.fr engineers have tested successfully Renault CAN CLIP v183 diagnostic and reprogramming software. CLIP 183 is confirmed to work! CANCLIP 183 free version: http://blog.obd2diy.fr/2018/12/18/renault-can-clip-183-download-free-no-pass/ CAN CLIP 183 tested version: http://www.obd2diy.fr/wholesale/can-clip-pour-renault-v151-logiciel-cd.html confirmed to work perfectly with Renault CAN CLIP china clone, including item no. sp19-a, sp19-c, sp19-d, sp19-e TiContinue Reading→

VXDIAG Multi Tool – How many vehicles & programs can work with

Look here: Allscanner VXDIAG Multi Tool Vehicle List (cars and heavy-duty trucks) VXDIAG Multi Tool Car List: # OEM Diagnostic Software Compatible 1 PASSTHRU SAE-J2534-1/2 Pass-Thru YES 2 PORSCHE Porsche PIWIS-II YES 3 TOYOTA TOYOTA Techstream TIS YES 4 HONDA HONDA Diagnostic System HDS YES 5 SUBARU SUBARU Select Monitor SSM YES 6 VOLVO VOLVO VIDA YES 7 JLR Jaguar & Land Rover SDD YES 8 CHRYSLER Chrysler wiTECH YES 9 GM GM GDS2 YES 10 GM GM Tech2Win YES 11 FOContinue Reading→

NOX sensor test: CAR FANS C800 can, FCAR/Launch/Autel cannot

CAR FANS C800 testing a NOX sensor: SUCCESS! For details, please go on your reading! what is NOX sensor: The Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) sensor is a “smart device” consisting of three components. i.e, NOx sensor, Connecting cable, NOx sensor Control Module. It’s used to measure the outlet NOx emissions from the engine. It receives and sends information to the Engine ECM via the J1939 datalink. The NOx sensor performs its own Internal diagnostics and reports malfunctions back to the Engine ECM uContinue Reading→

Cummins Inline 7 vs Nexiq USB Link 2

I am going to by by adapter for Cummins but I am confused between Inline 7 and Nexiq usb link 2….. please any advice and what is the difference between both of them. Thanks Advice.. here you go Mikeservice: Nothing different other than inline comes with inline harness to plug into any Cummins harness if you can’t talk through oem side Undeadmechanic: Inline 7 is built by Nexiq for Cummins. They slap their sticker on it, and give you the extra harness to plug into the backbone dContinue Reading→

Why should I use Dev2tool with Volvo Tech Tool?

FREE download Dev2tool programming + Tech Tool diagnostics Here, you can free download Dev2tool working on Window 7 64bit Tech Tool 1.12. Dev2tool vs. Tech Tool: Premium tech tool: for diagnosis Dev2tool: for programming Download links: Free version: Dev2tool https://mega.nz/#!bEQyRSIa!naNHr2gl7GsVtJDpFRoF63KwLkMAlc0hyPmTZhO086I PTT_1.12.121-FUL https://mega.nz/#!TUJgDSQZ!J_SC7G43N3MuSpzZZb30pLkSEL0b9ZHHgNUSi_DHnuU The O.P. says it’s working on window 7 64bit only Note that it’s free veContinue Reading→

Cummins INSITE compatibility with INLINE 6 and INLINE 5

Part 1: Cummins Inline 5 and Inline 6 Comparison: Well insite is the Cummins electronic service diagnostic tool. There are several different versions of insite from the free version all the way up to the pro version and they all cost different prices and they are bought with a yearly subscription. The inline 5,6 is the tool you use to hook up to the truck and to your computer that basically talks to the ecm and converts the data from the ecm to your computer to be able to be viewed on the Continue Reading→

(Solved) Cummins Inline 5 A Few Questions

Hello , i am now in the market for purchasing the cummins Inline 5 so i have a few questions . 1) can i password lock my ECU with insite/inline , so truck can’t be started (like you do with Roadrelay5) ? 2) Does Insite/Incal have any software options to do a complete test with the full loaded truck/trailler exactly like the Cummins dealer do on a Dyno test ? ( i mean HP , fuel pressure , blowby test , injector cut ,etc ?) 3) What’s the main difference between Incal 5 and 6 ? ReplContinue Reading→

CAR FANS C800 and Volvo Buses, Trucks and Cars: Confirmed!

Any good device support Volvo bus, truck and passenger car? Thanks in advance. Reply: Have a try with CAR FANS C800 diesel diagnostic tool. It’s designed for and good at bus and heavy duty truck diagnostic, incl. Identification Read Fault code, Erase Fault code, Actual Values, Actuators and Special Functions like Adjustment / Settings, Function Test, Special Function, Calibration etc. This is CAR FANS C800 And this is CAR FANS C800 Volvo Car List Vehicle info. ECU info. Functions BContinue Reading→

Real vs Clone Nexiq USB Link 2 Bluetooth

Nexiq USB Link 2  authentique et le clone, une différence? Beaucoup parle de différences de Nexiq l’original et le clone. J’ai l’original Nexiq USB Link 2 et le clone. Ici, partagez quelque chose avec vous tous. J’espère que cela aide. L’EMBALLAGE Commençons par le moyen le plus simple de faire la différence, et c’est l’emballage. Cela comprend non seulement à quoi ressemble le produit, mais aussi les accessoires inclus. Tout au long de cContinue Reading→

Should I have a Nexiq 1 or Nexiq 2?

I’ve been able to talk to everything I need to with my Nexiq 1. It all depends on what software you’re using and what type of cable connections you have but they all will work with a Nexiq. With the right software and an OBDII cable, I can even communicate to automotive. I used the OBDII cable yesterday to talk to a Hino. There are a lot of other types of datalinks you can use and they will all work fine. Nexiq has sort of become the standard that all the software will work wContinue Reading→

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