Cummins Inline 7 vs Nexiq USB Link 2

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I am going to by by adapter for Cummins but I am confused between Inline 7 and Nexiq usb link 2…..
please any advice and what is the difference between both of them.

Advice.. here you go


Nothing different other than inline comes with inline harness to plug into any Cummins harness if you can’t talk through oem side


Inline 7 is built by Nexiq for Cummins. They slap their sticker on it, and give you the extra harness to plug into the backbone directly.

I ordered an inline 6 to get the extra goodies for benching and they sent a 7 instead. I’m not complaining, lol. I haven’t installed it yet, but it may have a different firmware than the “real” usb link 2. I’ll find out when I get around to installing it since I now have one of each.

silnoreki :

Inline have both blutooth and wifi and slighty faster even when looks same.Im happy with my inline7,just 2 cents.


i can use inline 7 for everything from ddct to jpro and n14. from old to new works great for programming real fast. Sometimes cummins only like cummins adapters, like n14 m11 570 stuff like that in my experience at least


The two differences I have noticed are:
1. Inline 7 has wifi and bluetooth at the time, nexiq only one at a time.
2. Nexiq 2 has more protocols than Inline 7, for example the Inline 7 does not work with Hino, Toyota, Isuzu.