OEM Cummins Insite vs. Snap-On Pro Link Ultra (Review + Images)

OEM Cummins Insite and Snap-On Pro Link Ultra, which is better? Opinions from Aubrey Lamon: Cummins Insite is better at some things, but I can tell you from experience OEM doesn’t mean you can change everything. A parameter that is locked can’t be changed with Insite either unless your a dealer. Detroit OEM is also useless at times unless if you can change the password on the ECM which happens often on fleet trucks. The older versions of Insite also had a flaw that indicate a thContinue Reading→

Cummins Inline 7 vs Nexiq USB Link 2

I am going to by by adapter for Cummins but I am confused between Inline 7 and Nexiq usb link 2….. please any advice and what is the difference between both of them. Thanks Advice.. here you go Mikeservice: Nothing different other than inline comes with inline harness to plug into any Cummins harness if you can’t talk through oem side Undeadmechanic: Inline 7 is built by Nexiq for Cummins. They slap their sticker on it, and give you the extra harness to plug into the backbone dContinue Reading→