Peugeot Citroen ECU Tuning: MPPS V21 vs MPPS V18 clone

MPPS V18 Citroen: Model-ECU-engine type read-write-Auto Checksum Citroen Berlingo 2.0 HDI Bosch EDC15C2 K-Line Yes Yes Checksum Button Citroen Berlingo 2.0 HDI Siemens SID 801 / 801A K-Line Yes Yes Yes Citroen C2 1.6L Bosch MP7.4.4 K-Line Yes Yes Checksum Button Citroen C2 1.4 HDI Siemens SID 804 K-Line Yes Yes Yes Citroen C3 1.4 HDI Bosch EDC16C3 K-Line Yes Yes Yes Citroen C3 1.4 16v HDI Delphi DDCR K-Line Yes Yes Checksum Button Citroen C3 1.6 HDI Bosch EDC16C3 K-Line Yes Yes Yes Citroen C3Continue Reading→

Fgtech 4 Galletto v54 Unlock VAG SIMOS PCR2.1

This is how to use Fgtech 4 Galletto v54 to unlockVAGSIMOSPCR2.1 ECU, tips especially for Fgtech 4 error unknown ecu. Error is in those 2 resistors. I know that it it hard to get one 560 Ohm resistor so You have to make one from two. But You didn’t make well connection…. You have to connect those two resistor in air !!!!! The second thing is in 1000 Ohm – it looks like he is touching another resistor onboard. It has to be in air… Here you have a picture of how toContinue Reading→

How to update Nexiq firmware with John Deere SA

When I was doing experiments with my Nexiq clone (also called Xtruck) and John Deere Service Advisor(JDSA)… Running the utility binload from the folder C:\Nexiq\Test. Set checkbox – Enable automatic USB-Link firmware upgrade and get firmware bin file. Save original bin with other name (for recovery). I copy the firmware bin from the program John Deere SA, rename as original Nexiq bin name and replace original – by that file. Next, again start utility binload from the folderContinue Reading→

How to choose a good Renault CAN CLIP knock-off?

Renault CAN CLIP with Yellow PCB is the best knock off: ECU Programming: √ Reprogramming: √ Key Programming: √ That is why you should buy another new Renault CAN CLIP china clone. 07.2017 Renault CAN CLIP programming tool: YELLOW boards SP19-E Src: !!! Renault CAN CLIP programming can be done only with YELLOW PCB version . GREEN versions failed! CAN CLIP with GREEN pcbs works for Renault obd2 dContinue Reading→

VVDI Key Tool Unlock Renault Remotes/Smart Key

VVDI key tool Renault remote unlock wiring diagram:how to use vvdi key tool to unlock Renault remotes or smart keys Renault Key Info: AK010080 Fluence 3Btn (433MHz) Chip Number: 7961 Renault Key Info: 285971998R Smart key (Hitag-AES 433MHz) Chip Number: 7952 Renault Key Info: 285974100 Remote (Hitag-AES 433MHz) Chip Number: 7953 Renault Key Info: 805673071R (2 BTN433MHz) Chip Number: 7961 Renault Key Info: 805673071R (2 BTN433MHz) Chip Number: 7961 Renault Key Info: 285970036R (Hitag2-43Continue Reading→

How to setup BMW ISTA-P Native for K+DCAN cable

This has been available for a couple of months now but thought I’d share the info here. It is now easily possible to have ISTA-P and ISTA-D running natively on a modest laptop without multiple virtual machines. Although slightly out of date, software is now at ISTA-P I believe, it’s very powerful. I still use Standard Tools for most things but ISTA-D is a great diagnostic tool. The native install can be updated by simply replacing the ISTAP folder from a newer version. Continue Reading→

How to use LEXIA 3 for Citroen Berlingo 2

This is a step-by-step manual of “How to use lexia 3 citroen” for those who need to set their ECU configuration if it has been lost. This is only necessary if it’s blank, no need to touch it otherwise. Here, i will show how to use Lexia to get to the engine ECU of Citroen berlingo 2. you can also use this code to scan for fault codes or to read live data. Select a vehicle: Citroen berlingo 2 Select the diagnostic application: LEXIA When using LEXIA, the PRO number is 5 digits longContinue Reading→

FGtech Galletto v54 Read Infenion c167: OK

FGtech Galletto 4 v54 manual: how to read Ssangyong Actyon ECU Infenion c167 SsangyongActyon ECU info: AM29F400BB-55EE0 Infenion c167 How to read Infenion c167: desolder 29f400 and read it with programmer Galletto v54 Its AM29F400BB 55EE0 Use Piasini,Mpps or Galletto c167 generic mode to read the flash. Bootstrap pin mcu is P0L.4 short to gnd with 100ohm resistor before apply power supply then read thru k-line Continue Reading→

Optional Solutions: BMW ISTA-D Not Work

So here’s what I’ve learnt wandering through the various directories. The main ISTA/D archive deploys a Rheingold directory which already contains a minimal Ediabas install (C:\Rheingold\Ediabas), and it’s that install that ISTA/D is configured to use, so the supplemental Ediabas install (from the Ediabas 7.3.0 MSI file) comes as a duplicate in my understanding, but adds some features as it’s a complete Ediabas version. The problem is then to know which of both versionContinue Reading→

FCAR F502 Truck Diagnostics FAQs & Reviews

FCAR F502 is a handheld haevy duty truck coder reader to read & clear fault codes, read live data on trucks with truck standard protocols J1939 and J1708, covering Cummins,Detroit, Freightliner, International, Kenworth, John Deere,Peterbilt, Sterling, Mack, Mecedes Benz, VOLVO and so on.   Src: FCAR F502 functions and features: ·Scan heavy-duty trucks by J1939 and J1708 ·Scan truck ECU components to read all DTCContinue Reading→

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