FGtech Galletto v54 Read Infenion c167: OK

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FGtech Galletto 4 v54 manual: how to read Ssangyong Actyon ECU Infenion c167

SsangyongActyon ECU info:
Infenion c167

How to read Infenion c167:

desolder 29f400 and read it with programmer Galletto v54

galletto-v54-read-Infenion-c167-1 galletto-v54-read-Infenion-c167-2 galletto-v54-read-Infenion-c167-3 galletto-v54-read-Infenion-c167-4

Its AM29F400BB


Use Piasini,Mpps or Galletto c167 generic mode to read the flash.

Bootstrap pin mcu is P0L.4 short to gnd with 100ohm resistor before apply power supply then read thru k-line