Read Marelli ECUs: MPPS V18 vs BDM100 vs Ktag vs FgTech 4?

Magneti Marelli produces advanced systems and components for the automobile industry. With 89 production units, 12 R&D centres and 26 application centres in 19 countries, more than 38,000 employees and a turnover of 6,5 billion Euro in 2014, the Group supplies… Continue Reading

MPPS V21 Tricore read/write Peugeot MED17

This is for your information: how to used MPPS V21 software to Tricore read, write and checksum Peugeot ECU MED17. MPPS V21 download free: Mpps download can be available via (contact the customer service and FREE mpps v21… Continue Reading

MPPS V18 Clone lire écrire ECU OK inclure Peugeot Renault

Ce blog est utile de vous faire clair: ce ECU est testé lire écrire OK par pas cher MPPS V18 eu China Clone via OBD ou du mode d’ initialisation? Peugeot et Renault testés ECU sont également inclus. Peugeot et Renault… Continue Reading