How to update Nexiq firmware with John Deere SA

When I was doing experiments with my Nexiq clone (also called Xtruck) and John Deere Service Advisor(JDSA)… Running the utility binload from the folder C:\Nexiq\Test. Set checkbox – Enable automatic USB-Link firmware upgrade and get firmware bin file. Save original… Continue Reading

Why should I buy Renault CAN CLIP with Yellow boards

07.2017 Renault CAN CLIP with Yellow PCB: ECU Programming: √ Reprogramming: √ Key Programming: √ That is why you should buy another new Renault CAN CLIP china clone. 07.2017 Renault CAN CLIP programming tool: YELLOW boards SP19-E Src: !!! Renault… Continue Reading

How to setup BMW ISTA-P Native for K+DCAN cable

This has been available for a couple of months now but thought I’d share the info here. It is now easily possible to have ISTA-P and ISTA-D running natively on a modest laptop without multiple virtual machines. Although slightly out… Continue Reading

Professional DPF EGR Remover 3.0 Download, Car List, Review, Manual

This is for your information: Professional DPF Remover and Professional EGR Remover 3.0.0 download free, user manual. car list and review. NOTTested: Professional EGR Remover 3.0.0 download free: Password:123 TESTED: Professional DPF+EGR Remover 3.0 download: Very important! If… Continue Reading