Téléchargement du logiciel du clone Galletto v54 2019

Téléchargement gratuit du logiciel Galletto v54 crack: https://share.weiyun.com/58wTnWK  Mot de passe: zq9fxs Testé à 100% avec le fgtech 0368 ! Cette carte a une led rouge à côté du connecteur d’alimentation, et une led verte et jaune, de l’autre côté, et vient sans adaptateur secteur et vient dans une boîte blanche. Testé sur de nombreuses voitures: Alfa 147: immo off (ligne k / mode de démarrage) -100% ivone edc16 de clone :  BDM -100% Mercedes 308  benz sprinter eContinue Reading→

Fgtech 4 clone:version EU fw 0475 ou version chinoise fw 0386?

Ceci est pour ceux qui recherchent un FGtech 4 cloné décent, soit la version EU ou la version Chine. version EU FGtech 4  du clone: firmware 0475  source:  http://www.obd2diy.fr/wholesale/v54-fgtech-galletto-4-master-francais-sn-0475.html clone Fgtech 4 version chinoise : firmware 0386  Il existe deux versions de China Clone. – L’  article n ° SE61-G  est l’autre version vendue. Il est livré dans une boîte marron, dispose d’un adaptateur d’alimentatContinue Reading→

FgTech Galletto V54 Windows 10 64 bit: Yes on No?

Is it possible to install Fgtech 4 galletto v54 on windows 10 64bit? Look at the thread: Galletto v54 on windows 10 1- I tried several times but without success, maybe someone knows how to do it 2- I try too but not work! only xp and 7 3- its working on win10 64bit 4- On win10 64bit works good 5- Galletto supports Windows 7 32bit only…works well 6- Galletto V54 works fine on Windows 10 64bits 7- I have probation galletto on windows 10 64 bits and works good. trying on sony vaio Continue Reading→

FGTech V54 reads/writes LUCAS 1708 to 2005 with adapter VOLVO 8pin (FH12)

Clone FGTech V54 and FGTech V53 reads and writes LUCAS 1708 to 2005 by the cable OBD2 + mini adapter + adapter VOLVO 8pin (FH12). Up 2006 years (FH »13″) EMS2 by BDM only, because read only part of the data. EUR 5 it’s EMS2.2 with MCP5554 … It does not support large memory MCP5554 by J-tag. Hope this helps. Continue Reading→

Galletto V54 bench flashing Marelli IAW 6LP1.49 PSA via BOOT

Topic: Marelli IAW 6LPB PSA bench flashing via BOOT mode ECU programming tool: FGTech 4 Galletto V54 (china clone) Vehicle & ECU detailed information: Manufacturer: Citroen Model: C5 (II) Version: 2000 16v Type: RFJ (EW10A) KW: 103 HP: 140 Fuel: Petrol MY: 2008 ECU: Magneti Marelli IAW 6LP Mode: BOOT ST FAM: 45 CHK: √ RO: √ Read by Ktag through BOOT mode ECU and FGTech 4 connection: Connected through K Line Galletto V54 reading Marelli ECU: Select Driver ECU data readingContinue Reading→

Fgtech 4 Galletto v54 Unlock VAG SIMOS PCR2.1

This is how to use Fgtech 4 Galletto v54 to unlockVAGSIMOSPCR2.1 ECU, tips especially for Fgtech 4 error unknown ecu. Error is in those 2 resistors. I know that it it hard to get one 560 Ohm resistor so You have to make one from two. But You didn’t make well connection…. You have to connect those two resistor in air !!!!! The second thing is in 1000 Ohm – it looks like he is touching another resistor onboard. It has to be in air… Here you have a picture of how toContinue Reading→

FGtech Galletto v54 Read Infenion c167: OK

FGtech Galletto 4 v54 manual: how to read Ssangyong Actyon ECU Infenion c167 SsangyongActyon ECU info: AM29F400BB-55EE0 Infenion c167 How to read Infenion c167: desolder 29f400 and read it with programmer Galletto v54 Its AM29F400BB 55EE0 Use Piasini,Mpps or Galletto c167 generic mode to read the flash. Bootstrap pin mcu is P0L.4 short to gnd with 100ohm resistor before apply power supply then read thru k-line Continue Reading→

Renault Trafic EDC16CP33 Read/Write by FGTech Galletto STEPS

Here is a guide to show you: How use FGTech Galletto 4 V54 or VD300 FGTech Galletto to read and write EDC16CP33 ECU Renault Trafic? Check step by step as below: Step 1: Open Renault ECU BOSCH EDC16CP33 carefully and you can see ECU PCB like this: Note: Before open ECU, it will be good to also read the injector codes by the Renault Can Clip. You will probably need to rewrite them after writing if you have changed the computation to make a clone. Locate the place where the read and write will Continue Reading→

How to install FGTech Galletto 4 V54 Windows 7

Hello, I would like to explain to you step by step how to install your FGTech Galletto V54 correctly on Windows 7 operation system. To do this, you must first uninstall the already installed software and the drivers. Then we start with step Run « FGTech Galletto Edited v1.0.exe » as an administrator. Important: Do not create a desktop icon and run the program yet. Next, connect the Galletto device to the power supply and then connect it via USB. The automatic driver installation fails.Continue Reading→

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