Lonsdor K518ise read Peugeot Citroen PIN code: 30 seconds done!

Programmeur De Clef

Lonsdor k518ise key programmer is good at PSA vehicles (Peugeot and Citroen) PIN code reading. All done for 30 seconds only!

First, read Citroen PIN code via K-Line

Second, read Peugeot PIN code

Here you go…

  1. Lonsdor k518ise reads Citroen PIN code via K-Line

lonsdor-k518ise-psa-citroen-k-line-read-pin-1 lonsdor-k518ise-psa-citroen-k-line-read-pin-2 lonsdor-k518ise-psa-citroen-k-line-read-pin-3 lonsdor-k518ise-psa-citroen-k-line-read-pin-4 lonsdor-k518ise-psa-citroen-k-line-read-pin-5 lonsdor-k518ise-psa-citroen-k-line-read-pin-6 lonsdor-k518ise-psa-citroen-k-line-read-pin-7 lonsdor-k518ise-psa-citroen-k-line-read-pin-8

  1. Lonsdor k518 reads Peugeot PIN code

lonsdor-k518ise-psa-peugeot-read-pin-1 lonsdor-k518ise-psa-peugeot-read-pin-2 lonsdor-k518ise-psa-peugeot-read-pin-3 lonsdor-k518ise-psa-peugeot-read-pin-4 lonsdor-k518ise-psa-peugeot-read-pin-5 lonsdor-k518ise-psa-peugeot-read-pin-6 lonsdor-k518ise-psa-peugeot-read-pin-7 lonsdor-k518ise-psa-peugeot-read-pin-8

Steps to read PIN:


-> citroen or peugeot

-> read pin code

-> choose a type

-> read notes

-> lonsdor reads out vehicle info: vin,psa num, supplement num, sw num, sw ver.

-> lonsdor k518ise reads out Pin codes


During PSA PIN code reading,

[wiping brush], [big lights often illuminate] is normal

To stop brush wiping, please check Help and pull out the corresponding fuse