INPA Windows 10 Download Free: Confirmed to Work Perfect!

Outils de diagnostic de voitures

I want to share Kpl BMW Standard tools and very easy way to install: just one click… Inpa support F01-F02–F10.F25.F30 and all older Models also NCS-Expertentool with different Expertmode.

BMW INPA download link:!Z9BEDLYI!QLdk9LCkWF8CqmzCnVIwIA

How to install:

First run Stansard tools 2.12 after install

Run Automatic Daten v55 to Update


Windows 10: Work nice

inpa-windows-10-download NCS-windows-10-download

Tested or not:

The link is only tested by a few users on the

Not sure the security and functionality

No one holds any responsibility of what you’ll try!

For sake of security, you can get tested versions:

INPA tested version:

BMW ICOM full software tested version:

BMW Programming ISTA-P 3.65.2: tested!

BMW Diagnostics ISTA-D 4.14.20: tested!

SDP programming database 4.14.20: tested!

WINE 10.23.2018: tested!

ETK 08.2018: tested!

KSD 11.2018: tested!

INPA 5.00: tested!

WINKFP 5.2.3: tested!

NCS Expert 4.0: tested!

BMWAi 4.6 for hidden functions flash: tested!

E-SYS 3.27.1-5.01.02: tested!

Psdzdata V65.0.5: tested!

DR.GINI B020: tested!

FSC Navigator Calculation Software: tested!

BMW motorbikes and electronic cars: tested!

201812-bmw-icom-software-download-1 201812-bmw-icom-software-download-2 201812-bmw-icom-software-download-3