Which tool should I buy for VW/Audi Component Protection?

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Hello, I am looking for a tool for VAG CS, I know:


Vas Pc GeKo online (cracked for one year)

Abritus Avdi original

VVDI2 from X-Horse

FVDI 2018 from Fly

Which one should I buy? or any other good tools for component security/ component protection?

Tips and guides from digital-kaos.co.uk:

1. Smok xcan+keymaker or Xhorse VVDI When you will tool which is fastest and you have maximum control of what you do then choose Smok xcan+keymaker(dash immo probably wider then AVDI). When you will something what is good but not excellent with wider coverage(passat, a6/q7) then choose VVDI2.

  1. AVDI and X-dash

Depend what you asking for about CS. If you want it for AUDi Component Security adaptation for all modules, then AVDi is only one I would trust.If you want to do keys then X-dash from SMOK is best bet for all cars with metal blade key up to 2014 , except Kessy, Example Golf 5 and 6 and etc.

     3. Autologic or VAS with GeKo AVDI not best for this, only Autologic or VAS with GeKo has good coverage. AVDI is ok but only supports some modules.

  1. VAS PC

I think older models can do it with clone Avdi / abrites etc…..but if you want to make all years/devices perhaps you should really pay much more money. Vas Pc online cracked seems a very good option … Seems better of all and perhaps gives you the highest coverage. (but not reverse enginerring options mileage etc….)

     5. VAG Geko  VAG Geko cracked is unreliable, used it to update an ecu…… no file available on server (not vag’s server) plugged in genuine ODIS and flash completed in 5 minutesVAG Geko Official is not expensive if you do your sums beforehand but can be limited for some jobs if others have been altering things on car (i.e. if a key has been added and data was altered then when changing any security related components will result in a fail from FAZIT server) as dealers have no idea what has been tampered with a new identitiy is recommended.AVDI Genuine is probably one of the best options along with genuine vag geko…. that should get most jobs done.

Tips and guides from real pros:

I think ODIS COMPONENT PROTECTION is your best option.That is, you can enable or disable component protection with any tool working perfectly with ODIS software. As for personal use, we are not taking about things are the genuine or copy, but looking for the most cost-effective and working way to do something and save a lot. ODIS crack but tested version should work but you have to buy the online account (user name and password) yourself. Also, vendors will advise tool confirmed to work with ODIS crack they have, usually VXDIAG VCX NANO, VAS5054A, VAS 6154 and the like.


Component protection is a VW Audi Group database. It tracks each individual electronic component, and which vehicle it is allocated to. Essentially, component protection acts like an electronic padlock, tethering components to your vehicle. If we need to undertake any coding, adaptions, or basic settings of a component we need to release its padlock. That’s where ODIS comes in.

It tracks components right from the production line, but also applies to any parts purchased and fitted at a later date. For example, if you require a new control module it will need to be coded to your car using ODIS, through our licensed connection to the VW Group servers in Germany. Without component protection many, if not all, of a component’s functionality will be limited.

Component protection also helps to eliminate vehicle or component theft. If a theft is reported VW Audi Group’s component protection database updates and raises a red flag to prevent those components from being coded to another vehicle. ODIS will detect the red flag, prevent us from performing the coding and alert VW Audi Group. This is especially useful for second hand parts, making sure they are sourced only through reputable outlets.