What is the most powerful software for ELM327 multi-brand? (PSA, Renault, Opel…)

Question: Hello everyone I would like to know what is the most powerful software for elm327 brand by brand or multi-brand for all cars for example which one and better for Renault  for opel  for Peugeot etc .. Review 1: Personally the elm is worthless and is more than limited for any diag, if you want to make the correct diag you need either a custom Chinese clone to a brand (diagbox for psa, canclip for Renault) and if you want to do multi brand orients to Autiocom, Delphi.  Review 2: FoContinue Reading→

Renault CANCLIP Driver Software User Manual

Renault CAN CLIP 183 driver software manual: software version: Renault clip 183 driver sw note: Can Clip v183 no need to replace anything Part 1: How to solve Renault CLIP driver error “Unknown device” Part 2: How to install CAN CLIP driver software in detail… Part 1: Renault CLIP driver “Unknown device” error and solution The error message: Update driver software – unknown device Windows encountered a problem installing the driver software for you device Continue Reading→

Diagbox v7 Windows 7/XP Install + Tests on Peugeot

I finally have a Lexia 3 chinese interface working with diagbox 7.02….or rather partially working. Win 7 Pro 64 bit with a Windows Virtual PC/Windows XP Mode installed. (Windows Virtual PC and XP mode are free for various versions of Win 7, just installing it on Win 7 will bring up diagbox, but it will just get stuck on the “selection of Application” screen with the Diagbox and PP2000 buttons, and clicking either one will go straight back to that screen). Vehicle 1 : PeugeoContinue Reading→

Alternative câble PSA Lexia 3: VXSCAN PSA?

Alternative câble PSA Lexia 3: VXSCAN PSA? VXSCAN PSA = câble Lexia 3? VXSCAN PSA: Alternative câble PSA Lexia 3? Comment utiliser VXSCAN PSA pour le diagnostic de Peugeot Citroën VXSCAN PSA Manuel de l’utilisateur VXSCAN PSA tout bon? VXSCAN PSA Bon ou pas? C’est l’alternative du câble PSA Lexia 3 –  l’outil de diagnostic VXSCAN PSA . Manuel utilisateur de VXSCAN PSA: Qu’est-ce que VXSCAN PSA? Pourquoi achetez-vous VXSCAN au lieu de Lexia 3? Comment configContinue Reading→

Renault 12 pin cable on sale: best price & high quality

This is Renault 12 pin cable (pinouts) for diagnosis and programming with CANCLIP source: http://www.obd2diy.fr/wholesale/renault-12pin-cable-for-renault-can-clip-v110-diagnostic-tool-1277.html This is the 12 pin cable for Renault for all Renault models prior 1998 Pin Number Pin Name Description (may be empty) 1 K-Line  Automatic transmission diagnostic (AD4) 2 GND   6 +12V  Accumulator 7 K-Line  Automatic transmission diagnostic (M) Continue Reading→

Odis 4.3.3 can’t identify VAS 5054a: 100% working solution

Odis 4.3.3 cannot identify VAS 5054A head, installed on VM Windows 7 x64. Latest .Net Framework, latest java, latest windows updates. The error: The exact solution in my case: Clear VM Windows 7 x64, Install odis 4.3.3 and postsetup. Without additional java download. Then I copied 4 files from version 1.20.35: (extract from archive) https://mega.nz/#!FXpUgIrA!DRe9vCC8NqBMgxfT-gCV0pHAXnEa3CPRfLNmUMhaFYU and replaced it by pass: C:\Program Files (x86)\Softing\D-PDU API\1.20.042\VeCom\VASContinue Reading→

TabScan S7 on Megane: read and clear codes successfully!

Tested! TabScan S7 is confirmed to work for French vehicles. Here take Renault Megane (Probado Se confirma que TabScan S7 funciona para vehículos franceses. Aquí toma Renault Megane) OBD connection (Conexión OBD) Board status (Estado del tablero) Diagnoses (Diagnosticos) Turn on ignition with the key (Turn on ignition with the key) Euro – Renault (Euro – Renault) Car type: Megane / Scen (Tipo de carro: Megane/Scen) Injection (Inyeccion) Code: EF017 State: Meoria DescContinue Reading→

INPA Windows 10 Download Free: Confirmed to Work Perfect!

I want to share Kpl BMW Standard tools and very easy way to install: just one click… Inpa support F01-F02–F10.F25.F30 and all older Models also NCS-Expertentool with different Expertmode. BMW INPA download link: https://mega.nz/#F!Z9BEDLYI!QLdk9LCkWF8CqmzCnVIwIA How to install: First run Stansard tools 2.12 after install Run Automatic Daten v55 to Update DONE PASS: NO Windows 10: Work nice Tested or not: The link is only tested by a few users on the mhhauto.com Not sure tContinue Reading→

How to add DS to Diagbox software

This is for those have genuine paid for Diagbox the latest version with Peugeot and Citroen working, but I don’t have the DS Automotive button. Tips of how to add DS automotives: Deactivate your diagbox and reactivate and you will have now and the three brands………. All done I have DS automotive listed like the pics above now I’m using Diagbox Version 9.37 Genuine FYI, Diagbox v7 crack has no buttons for DS, but works good with Citroen and Peugeot. If not DS ownersContinue Reading→

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