Bosch kts alternative diagnostic tool: Launch x431 v 8″ or v+ 10″

Outils de diagnostic de voitures

Looking for Bosch kts alternative diagnostic tool, because it is too expensive to update and heavy to take. Launch x431 v 8″ or v+ 10″ is good choice no matter what it can do and its update price.

Need: I use bosch kts, but it’s too expensive to update it… the esi 1.0 you know is the old version, the new version 2.0 is too expensive. And its too heavy to get it everywhere with me.

so I search an alternative diagnostic tool and I found the launch. I have a car shop so i need the diagnostic tool a lot, for different types of cars, not only diagnostic, also some real datas activating regenerations, resetting…

Is it worth to have Launch?

Definitely yes. i can say Launch with Kts is a pretty good choice, if i can’t make it with Launch i do it with Bosch Kts. There is original Launch with original license (2 years free then 600 dollars every year, i update it every 2-3-4 years) and then there is Copy of original Launch app like EasyDiag, Diagzone etc, you cannot do online coding and lots of stuff with fake copy of Launch app only with original Launch. An original Launch is 800 dollars from, a copy/fake one consists of a tablet with Easydiag, Diagzone etc app installed and some activation server or something similar. There are lots of Names and models, there are different names in Europe than in China. There are 2 versions of 8″ Tablet and 2 versions of 10″ Tablet, main difference apart from inches between the versions is cpu, ram and gb storage. I highly recommend to buy from China (“global” version) as it is half the price and does the same thing as the Euro version except the color is different.
There are also version like Euro Tab 1, 2 or 3 which is still a tablet with a better interface that has PassThru capability.

I would recommend you get either the newest x431 v 8″ or X431 v+ 10 inch tablet (black covers).

I have kts 560 with esi 2, we have 3 pcs and divide 1000 euros in 3 as we are 3 different persons, you will want to update easydiag which is 70-80$, if you update original launch after 3 years you get almost the price of fake launch and for me it’s not worth it to buy fake as I work with pretty new cars that need online codings and functions.

+1 review:

I have Launch x431 v+ 2 years now and subs are over this month

subs are 600 usd for 1 year, so today i did buy a new set for 1050 usd and i have 2 years of subs again.


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