VCM2 Firmware Update for Ford 2017+ Cars

Outils de diagnostic de voitures

What vcm2 firmware are you using ??
Using the v86 mix method probably leaves you with an old vcm2 firmware.

I hope you are all aware that this won’t work with newer 2017 vehicle for all functions. Especially programming BCM.
Many 2017+ car need vcm2 firmware to successfully complete bcm installation / programming / configuration restoration

My point is.. all “good” VCM2 clone can upgrade firmware to no problem.

On newer vehicle’s BCM replacement, the procedure requires to get configuration restored ( looks like JLR process ). After you done PMI of the said BCM you must complete that configuration restore or the BCM installation won’t be completed and so DTC will show up and/or the bcm won’t work correctly. I’m not talking about PATS functions which do need a dealer login or other tools to complete.

Once again my point is you do require firmware for this procedure on most newer cars like 2015 + focus or escape and probably other model too. Running this procedure with or older firmware will show error in the process.

Now that being said, if your software allow the use of firmware, and has the IDS v109 testman.exe and other executable files, then it should be working. But if you are using v86 testman.exe and other executable files and DLL with odler firmware, I strongly recommend not trying to install BCMs on newer car. And so other functionality might not work too.

Here is a bcm replacement failed with firmware and IDS 107. Same I’d happening with v108 and v109. You do require newer firmware.