VCM2 Firmware Update for Ford 2017+ Cars

What vcm2 firmware are you using ?? Using the v86 mix method probably leaves you with an old vcm2 firmware. I hope you are all aware that this won’t work with newer 2017 vehicle for all functions. Especially programming BCM. Many 2017+ car need vcm2 firmware to successfully complete bcm installation / programming / configuration restoration My point is.. all “good” VCM2 clone can upgrade firmware to no problem. On newer vehicle’s BCM replacement,Continue Reading→

Best VCM 2 SP177-C1 works Newest Ford IDS 108: Perfect!

Confirmed! Ford IDS 108 is 100% tested successfully with VCM 2 SP177-C1, on Mondeo the 2011 year. Newest Ford IDS: Version 108.01 Cheapest method: €24.99 Easiest method: IDS with an internal hard drive Free method: unknown risk VCM 2 SP177-C1: best china clone InContinue Reading→

VCM 2 SP177-C1 vs. SP177

Ford VCM 2 cloned units comparison: SP177-C1 vs. SP177 VCM 2 SP177-C1: VCM 2 SP177: Which VCM2 unit is better? SP177-C1 wins! In detail…Look at the chart and you’ll know all. Item number SP177 SP177-1 SP177-C SP177-C1 √ SP177-C2 SP239-B SP10-D SP10-T WIFI adapter NO NO NO YES YES NO NO NO Software V101 V101 V100 V100 V97 V97 IDS V86 JLRV145 IDS V86 JLRV145 Software Ford Ford Ford Ford Ford Ford and Mazda Ford, mazda, Land rover, jaguar Ford, mazda, Land rover, jaguar Continue Reading→

Windows OS cannot do all for VCM 2

I’d have to answer that not everything can be done from Windows operation system. For example I can’t modify and rebuild initrd, rootfs, or the kernel from windows. Sure, I can use winimage (or the like) to read files but that’s not everything and honestly it’s more effort to achieve even that level of access on windows than using it natively on Linux. I am very comfortable with Linux having done minor development for a distro. I don’t have a automotive backgrounContinue Reading→

Ford VCM2 Serial Console

The VCM 2 serial console is available on pins 24 (Rx), 25 (Tx), & 26 (Gnd) of the HDL26-PL-B connector. The connection is 38400 8-N-1 @ RS-232 levels. Make sure to use pin 26 for ground and not the shield. The shield floats and wont produce a usable connection. This is the U-Boot bootloader from the serial console: Codes: U-Boot 1.3.0 (Jan 14 2011 – 17:19:53) ETAS VCI (r68531) RAM Configuration: on-board Bank #0: a0000000 64 MB HW Configuration: (0x1) VCI STD variant 0x1 with SMSCContinue Reading→

Ford VCM 2 IDS 108.02 Download Free: 100% Tested

(01.2018) Free download Ford IDS 108.02 for work VCM 2 units:!xKpTRSrD!ki-nU-KveaOJGSobi0WkEcbIkLHhQaF57QZD1IbqSo8 Note: Ford IDS v108 needs C98 Calibration Ford IDS release schedule: Ford IDS Software Release Schedule Release Timing R108.01 12/06/2017 R108.02 1/04/2018 R108.03 1/17/2018 R108.04 1/31/2018 R108.05 2/14/2018 R108.06 2/28/2018 R108.07 3/14/2018 R109.01 3/28/2018 – Laptop prerequisite: O.S.: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 ( Continue Reading→

Ford Mazda IDS 106 download with active license

Free download Ford/Mazda IDS software 106 without license issues: MegaDownloader!BgdiST7B!vHiZo-nj-6TMAb7I7gAMzP-zNC7SalsL4tYQk33BjlY VMWare 12.5.0!s8lXyC5J!QUf2fV8yyxuKZ_oeniO18d1_7WMxADigUcUqOAhKuuA FORD IDS 106.01 WITH FORD VCMII MANAGER!GwpgBBIS!OGGmCprpvife1jZJ5yOsGfjI4dPYVxGRZX0caCF6sIg Gen106S MAZDA IDS 106.00 WITH FORD VCMII MANAGER!e4YmURZK!LP3lw-teY8mMaa2kT-08enoLQCyEBNCLvC5pZQEwe-I Password: Continue Reading→

Free Download Vxdiag Vcx Nano Ford IDS 106 Mazda IDS 106

Here, free download Ford/Mazda diagnostic software IDS 106 to have a try with VXDIAG VCX NANO Ford/Mazda FORD IDS V106 EN download free Password: bevk Mazda IDS v106 download on Mega!dM9H3D5K!7j0gX4BNH_AtKuXkM6UPQE8exs84ZV9TgrS-_UrlzNs Try with VXDIAG VCX NANO Ford/Mazda: Note: IDS its working on MAZDA since Ford + MAZDA are toghether ( cars are made together with FORD) after 2003-2004 years . Before thContinue Reading→

Free download Ford IDS 105.02A + Mazda IDS 105.02 (05.2017)

05.2017 Ford Mazda IDS software is available now! Links all tested working. Download Ford IDS 105.02A and Mazda IDS 105.02 for Ford VCM 2 clone and VXDIAG VCX NANO for Ford/Mazda! Ford IDS 105.02A download to update:!11JGnbRb!2LRQa2YEyCdMmCg0-je7cg_7FnA4Nf7RK-L8eTb3hfE Mazda IDS 105.02 download to update: Link 1!whIWjSaY!8M31_oba8t-OZuKT_zkMDGcRQJyiWU7R9jKU7wzicEg Link 2!oIIlBY4C!2jsGXvGDZqx2YOCKNoMwv8L2eE_AzChDSpF-RNVbKXY Note: All these Continue Reading→

VCM2 Ford IDS 105 Mazda IDS 105 Download FREE & How to setup

This is where to download the latest vcm2 software crack Ford IDS 105 Mazda IDS 105 and how to setup ids 105 for use. Free download Ford IDS 105 Mazda IDS 105: MegaDownloader!BgdiST7B!vHiZo-nj-6TMAb7I7gAMzP-zNC7SalsL4tYQk33BjlY VMWare 12.5.0!s8lXyC5J!QUf2fV8yyxuKZ_oeniO18d1_7WMxADigUcUqOAhKuuA download FORD IDS 105.01 WITH FORD VCMII MANAGER!l1UVBCLa!w1Out18LqVP3QIboAfa3YCmF6z6bF8W1Tb2vt8Pily0!519CwI5I!V57SrxIcMAContinue Reading→

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