Tango adds new keys to Lexus/Toyota with all keys lost

Programmeur De Clef

Confirmed! Tango key programmer is able to work for Toyota Camry 2013 with all keys lost.

Device: Tango

Car and year: Toyota Camry 2013

Key: smart key 128 bit

What you need:

Tango & emulator

Xhosre MVCI cable

Src: http://www.obd2diy.fr/wholesale/tango-key-programmer-with-basic-software.html


Key status in the dashboard:

Tango emulators:

Src: http://www.obd2diy.fr/wholesale/scorpio-lk-emulators-slk-03-for-tango-key-programmer-including-authorization.html

In Tango software:

Go to TangoPlus – Toyota

In TangoPlus Toyota 6.3:


Connect to car

Read data from car, then save data:

Keys 88 has been detected

Use SLK-03 transponder

Write emulator




Tango is able to make new keys to Lexus/Toyota when all keys are lost!

Original:Tango adds new keys to Lexus/Toyota with all keys lost