Comment lire CAS2 et CAS3 avec Orange 5

Quelqu’un expliquer comment lire CAS2 et CAS3 avec Orange 5 pour créer une nouvelle clé avec Tango ? câble coaxial à connecter   Note: Orange 5 ne peut pas lire MC9S12DG256C (2K79X) fixé dans 2/3 CAS  Lire avec d’ autres programmeur ( VVDI prog, rosfor, R270, XPROG ) et faire avec le tango Continue Reading→

Tango adds new keys to Lexus/Toyota with all keys lost

Confirmed! Tango key programmer is able to work for Toyota Camry 2013 with all keys lost. Device: Tango Car and year: Toyota Camry 2013 Key: smart key 128 bit What you need: Tango & emulator Xhosre MVCI cable Src: Connection: Key status in the dashboard: Tango emulators: Src: In Tango softwareContinue Reading→

Tango key programmer can synchronize Volvo  ECU & CEM

Confirmed! Tango key programmer is able to synchronize ECU & CEM moduels on Volvo  vehicles. Software requirement and basic info: Synchro maker Volvo was introduced in Tango software 1.95. The main function of this maker is to allow, the users of Tango programmer that purchased it, to synchronize ECU and CEM modules found in Volvo vehicles. In order to use the software you will need to load a dump file from both ECU and CEM modules in TangContinue Reading→

Tango & TM100, which better? (unbiased reviews)

Please who is the best and completely Tango or TM100 key programmer? Reply: Hello mate, It’s hard to say which one is the best, the TM100 is a China brand, the Tango is a foreign brand, their functions are basically the same. The TM100 functions: cover,read,write and generate transponders;read kilomoters,VIN,and transponder type;PIN calculation,62 key maker modules. The Tango functions: cover,read,write and generate transponders;read kilomoters,VIN,and transponder type. TM100 TraContinue Reading→

Which ECU programmer should i buy for garage repair work?

ECU Programmers Reviews, Buying Guides… Here you go. Every garage needs Tango key programmer and Orange5 programmer… VVDI Prog is for newer cars .my opinion Xprog is useful too… Already I have it but Orange5 for hc05(7) hc08(9) and tms more useful at least for me yes…right… for HC05E6 I use mostly only Orange5 for HC05(7)x32 I use Xprog and for HC(9)08 I use R270 or VVDI Prog only So, for better work,  instead of thinking which one to choose, I should buy them aContinue Reading→