Which ECU programmer should i buy for garage repair work?

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ECU Programmers Reviews, Buying Guides… Here you go.

Every garage needs Tango key programmer and Orange5 programmer… VVDI Prog is for newer cars .my opinion

Xprog is useful too…

Already I have it but Orange5 for hc05(7) hc08(9) and tms more useful at least for me


for HC05E6 I use mostly only Orange5

for HC05(7)x32 I use Xprog

and for HC(9)08 I use R270 or VVDI Prog only

So, for better work,  instead of thinking which one to choose, I should buy them all


ECU programmers / auto key programmers mentioned above:

OEM Orange5: most populous

VVDI Prog: high quality

Xprog box: useful

Tango key programmer

R270 (now R280 plus better)

For more information of the programmer you want, just CLICK on it.

Have fun!