How to use VAS 5054A with JLR SDD as Passthru

Here, you have complete JLR DD 139 download free as it was on servers with picture proof and also a fix for it. And bonus for all is how to install for Passthru Actia and VAS 5054A Also you have a Virtual Machine with kit installed for you just to patch and put your options. Instructions inside the VM. (BIG THANKS to Fantomel) Part 1: Free download JLR SDD 139.17 with VAS5054A/PassThru Actia VCI1/2 Install KIT fix and passthru options!itUzyTLa!HtbDxygF72O_qQ12n8SBVQ VirtuContinue Reading→

VPECKER Easydiag review: Diagnose Peugeot 206 DTC live data

VPECKER Easydiag review for sharing: VPECKER Easydiag Wireless OBDII diagnose Peugeot 206 OK, read clear all DTC codes and show engine live data stream! Open VPECKER Easydiag software Peugeot V12.0 to start diagnosis. Choose car model: 206, engine type: petrol then ECU type: BOSCH ME7.4.4 Read Peugeot 206 DTC trouble codes firstly. DTC codes exist as P0341, P0201 and P0463. After check the DTC description and status, go back to clear trouble codes OK. VPECKER Easydiag show Peugeot engineContinue Reading→

Why Dell D630 laptop is needed when buying SD Connect C4?

Here lists some of reasons why need to buy MB Star C4 With Laptop diagnostic system: —With the Dell D630’s dedicated serial port, there was no issue for me…. it was plug and play… I just loaded the HDD from the Seller into my Dell and all I needed to do was activate WIS/EPC and XENTRY/DAS with “activation keys”… I only use the Dell for mb star sd c4 purposes… —Bought an older Dell D630 laptop with a serial port and plan on buying MB SD Star C4  directly installeContinue Reading→

Original AUTEL MaxiDAS DS808K remplace AUTEL DS708

Basé sur le système d’exploitation Android et avec l’écran tactile LCD 7-inch (résolution 1024 * 600), le MaxiDAS DS808K Full (Avec Conkit) est présenté avec une couverture étendue du diagnostic de niveau OE. Installé avec un processeur quad-core rapide, DS808K (Avec Conkit) offre le maximum de confort et d’efficacité pour votre diagnostic et votre analyse. Mise à jour gratuité un an, après un an, frais de mise à jour est 332EUR par an AUTEL MaxiDAS DS808K fullContinue Reading→

VCM2 Ford IDS 105 Mazda IDS 105 Download FREE & How to setup

This is where to download the latest vcm2 software crack Ford IDS 105 Mazda IDS 105 and how to setup ids 105 for use. Free download Ford IDS 105 Mazda IDS 105: MegaDownloader!BgdiST7B!vHiZo-nj-6TMAb7I7gAMzP-zNC7SalsL4tYQk33BjlY VMWare 12.5.0!s8lXyC5J!QUf2fV8yyxuKZ_oeniO18d1_7WMxADigUcUqOAhKuuA download FORD IDS 105.01 WITH FORD VCMII MANAGER!l1UVBCLa!w1Out18LqVP3QIboAfa3YCmF6z6bF8W1Tb2vt8Pily0!519CwI5I!V57SrxIcMAContinue Reading→

OBDSTAR X300 DP X-300DP PAD Tablet Programmeur De Clé Full Configuration

obdstar x300 dp pad tablet key programmer est la première tablette d’OBDSTAR, qui a atteint un niveau supérieur dans la programmation et le diagnostic des clés. En héritant de la programmation automatique professionnelle OBDSTAR et de la technologie de diagnostic avancée, X300 DP se caractérise par la couverture d’une large gamme de véhicules, dotée d’une fonction puissante et offrant une qualité supérieure. Pendant ce temps, en profitant du système Android, X300 Continue Reading→

BMW Folding Mirrors Coding by INPA K+DCAN and NCX Expert

Isn’t it cool to control the mirror fold by pressing your remote key? Here share with you a detailed tutorial: How to activate BMW folding mirrors function using BMW K DCAN Cable and NCX Expert?   BMW Folding Mirrors Coding Steps (Set BMW E92 as an example) Step 1: Plug the BMW K+DCAN USB Cable into car OBD2 port to connect car with BMW NCX Expert software. Open NCX Expert, click “Profile Load” and choose “Expertmode 2.0”. Step 2: Click F1 button “ZCS Enter” then F3 buttoContinue Reading→

How to install Ford IDS 101 on Win 7 64bit/Win XP (VMware)

Ford ids windows 7 64bit is confirmed no issues to use. Ford vcm2 ids v101/ v100 is confirmed to can be installed with or without a VMware player. For details, here you go. How to install Ford IDS 101.01 on Windows 7 64bit VMware: (user solution) Use win7 x64 and run vmware like Scott says… its tip top install 91.01 at any date, However if you update to 101 then the date need to be just after release date of 101.01 which i read is 22/06/2016 so 29/06/2016 should be o.k run ids 91.01 to Continue Reading→

Kess V2 Master Truck liste de voiture et camion

KESS V2 Master Camion Version Avec Software V2.22 Firmware V4.036 Top 4 raisons pour acheter V4.036 Kess V2  Camion Version: 1. Dernières firmware avec le dernier logiciel pour cette version KESS V2. 2. Couvre toutes les fonctions de V4.036 voiture version et V4.024 camion version. 3. Multi-langues: anglais, allemand, espagnol, italien, portugais, français. 4. Token peut être recharger quand il écrasé. Kess V2 Master Truck liste : Kess v2 V4.036 supporte camion, motocycle, voitureContinue Reading→

How to diagnose Ford Mondeo by VXDIAG VCX NANO in VMware?

This blog will show you show you steps: How use VXDIAG VCX NANO for Ford/Mazda to diagnose Ford Mondeo, read full system DTC codes and view data stream. VXDIAG VCX NANO Ford diagnose Ford Mondeo steps First, connect VXDIAG VCX NANO with car OBD2 port. And open “VX Driver VCMII” to check if the connection is OK. Next, open VMware Ford 100.03 IDS and click “Play virtual machine”. Then, open IDS V100.03 software. Click “Start New Session” and “All Other”. It will establish communicatContinue Reading→

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