Obdstar F100 price, update, car list, review

obdstar f100 is known as a Ford key programmer, but actually it’s OBD program keys and correct mileage to Ford, Jaguar, Land Rover and Mazda. So, obdstar f100 is not only an auto key programmer but also an odometer correction tool.

obdstar f100 for sale:


obdstar f100 price: €126

obdstar f100 update:

Original OBDSTAR F100 can be updated online via http://en.obdstar.com/

Free update for 1 year; and it will cost 80USD/year after 1 year

obdstar f100 instructions:

  • F100 key programmer programs a key to Mazda 6 2013
  • Obdstar f100 changes mileage of Mazda 6 2013

obdstar f100 car list:


obdstar f100 review:

  • I’m sure it works
  • I added a new key and changed km to Ford Fiesta 2013
  • It can work in my case, Mazda CX-5
  • Mazda 6 2013 lost all keys and f100 managed to program a key
  • I used it to change km… success