AUZONE AT60 TPMS tool reads tire pressure: BMW 1 series done!

AUZONE AT60 TPMS tool is confirmed to activate the original and the third-party sensors to obtain current information from the tire pressure sensor, such as sensor ID, tire pressure, tire temperature, battery level and sensor frequency.

This is the how-to’s.

  • Select “tire pressure diagnostics”on the main interface
  • Select the brand, model, year of the car requiring activation

(some models also require you to select the corresponding number of wheels)

  • Enter the feature selection interface
  • Select “sensor diagnostics”

  • then go to “activate/read”tire pressure sensor information

(some models also require you to select 4 or 5 wheels)

  • Select the tire position you want to activate or read

  • Press the “activation”key (the button with a wireless signal like wifi icon)

AUZONE AT60 will deactivate the sensor

Once the activation is successful, the pressure, temperature, and sensor battery will be displayed in the corresponding locations.

Note: Different models may display different content.

  • You can read the tire pressure information in detail…

  • Select the toggle unit icon on the main activation interface to change the unit.

Note: The settings here are consistent with the system settings.

ID display: hexadecimal, decimal

Pressure: kPa, bar, psi

Temperature: ℃, ℉

AUZONE AT60 Tech Support: