Techstream 13.00.022 Test Reports: 100% OK with Toyota Customization & Programming

(26-03-2018) Toyota Techstream 13.00.022 is tested successfully! Works flawlessly with Mini VCI cables for Toyota customization and perfect with VXDIAG VCX NANO Toyota for programming!

Test report- Techstream 13.00.022 working no issues:

Techstream 13.00.022 Windows 7 install:

Step 1: install Techstream software

Choose a setup language to install

Accept the license agreement

Finish customer information

Then install…

Techstream 13.00.022 sw installation: done!

Step 2: install MVCI driver

Only click on Install

Then wait…

MVCI driver installation: success!

Step 3: get the Techstream key and ready for use

Open Techstream properties on Desktop

Then open file location

Copy TS_loader application from the folder “toyota new genkey” to “C:/program files/toyota diagnostics/techstream/bin”

Then send TS_loader shortcut to Desktop

Delete Techstream on Desktop

Windows installing device driver software automatically

Run MVCI Firmware Update Tool on Desktop

Firmware 1.4.1

Run Toyota TS_loader on Desktop

You can have Toyota customization: using Techstream v13 together with a MINI VCI cable

Note that there are many mini vci interfaces on the web/market

This is the mini vci cable (best quality) tested successfully:

The site:


Program ECU and new keys: using Techstream with VXDIAG VCX NANO Toyota


Have fun!