Auzone AT60 Sensor Programming Manual

Outils de diagnostic de voitures

AUZONE AT60 TPMS Tool can carry out programming of programmable Auzone sensors. When programming, attention should be paid to select the programmable sensor with the same frequency as the corresponding vehicle sensor.

Three sensor ID generation methods are supported:

automatic ID generation

manual ID input

activated ID duplication (you must activate/read the sensor ID you want to copy first).

The specific operation procedure is as follows:

  1. Select “Tire pressure diagnostics”
  2. then select the brand, model, and year of production of the vehicle requiring programming (some models also require you to select the corresponding number of wheels)
  3. enter the feature selection interface.


  1. Select “Sensor programming (1-20)” to enter the ID creation interface.


① Automatic ID creation: Select “Automatic ID generation” to enter the ID confirmation interface.


② Activated ID duplication: Select “Activated ID duplication (single)” to enter the ID confirmation interface.


③ Manual ID creation: Select “Manual ID input (single)” to enter the ID input interface. Press the “Up/Down” keys to select the value you want to enter, then press “OK” to enter the corresponding value (“Backspace” can be used to delete the value entered, and “Auzone-AT60-Sensor-Programming-Manual-5 ” can switch between input systems). Select “Enter” to complete the ID input and enter the ID confirmation interface.

Auzone-AT60-Sensor-Programming-Manual-6 Auzone-AT60-Sensor-Programming-Manual-7

  1. Place the sensor requiring programming within 30cm of the AT60, then press “OK” to confirm the ID. Once confirmed, the device will automatically search for and program the sensor.


  1. Once programming is complete, a success prompt will be displayed. Press “OK” to return to the main activation interface.


Sensor programming done!