How to use Digiprog 3 for Audi a3 2008 odometer correction

outil de correction odomètre


I used a Digiprog 3 china for mileage correction on a Audi a3 2008..
during programming it said ignition off and on, but then the dash went dead and car starts for a second and turned off again

I tried to disconnect the battery but didn’t helped.

what to do now??

thanx a lot for help!


I had the same problem with a 2012 A3 dash went blank and car will start for 2 seconds then turn off !!
This problem occurred because I did not turn ignition off and on when Digiprog 3 asked as in the past I did not follow that sequence and always ok.
I disconnected the battery for 5 min and it made no difference
so I turned the ignition on connected the Digiprog again and entered a new odometer value and followed the instructions of the Digiprog and it all came back to life.
No need to redo keys and all that other rubbish just repeat the procedure and all will be ok.



Very helpful! This back my A3 56reg to live!