How to use Ktag 7.020 for Mercedes GL350 EDC17CP46

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About: Chip-tuning Mercedes Benz GL350 3.0CDi 249 Hp 2015 with Ktag 7.020

Car: Mercedes Benz GL350 3.0CDi 249 Hp 2015

ECU: Bosch EDC17CP46 IROM TC 1797

A completely new GL came to Chemists 2 to add power.
The machine is 2015 year of release, mileage is 500 km.

ktag-EDC17CP46-from-mercedes-gl350-1 ktag-EDC17CP46-from-mercedes-gl350-2 ktag-EDC17CP46-from-mercedes-gl350-3 ktag-EDC17CP46-from-mercedes-gl350-4 ktag-EDC17CP46-from-mercedes-gl350-5

To work on increasing the power, you must remove the computer, which is located under the locker of the right wheel.

The firmware is produced in the “on the table” mode by the professional ECU programmer KTag firmware 7.020.
ECU – Bosch EDC17CP46 IROM TC 1797, protocol Mercedes GPT (p691)

Work duration: 3-5 hours

The approximate increase in power is 40-45 hp, the torque is 100-120 nm.