Quelle est la meilleure façon de remplacer et de programmer Mercedes ME 9.7?

Question: Combien de façons et comment remplacez-vous et programmez-vous Mercedes ME 9.7? Possible de le faire dans les 300 USD? Réponse: Il y a généralement 3 moyens optionnels. Et le  moins cher est 299USD pour tous. Solutions optionnelles: Il y a 3 solutions disponibles si vous avez un ECU ME 9.7 endommagé!   Écu Programmeur Adaptateur Coût Coûteux (le concessionnaire) Original ME 9,7 écu du concessionnaire Mercedes Original SD connect C4 pour la programContinue Reading→

Ktag 7.020 Car List – How much do you know?

How to view Ktag 7.020 vehicle list? Look here: Click on the Options button in the main window of the K-Suite software. In the Available vehicles pane, click View. Select the Brand of the vehicle. Select the Model of the vehicle. Type:The type of engine installed. kW:The engine power expressed in kilowatt. HP: The engine power expressed in horsepower. Fuel:The type of fuel: Petrol or Diesel. MY: The year when the vehicle’s version has been launched on the market (short for Model YContinue Reading→

How to choose SD card for KESS and KTAG change CID?

SD-cards provided with KESS and KTAG don’t meet the standards to be able to have a serial number (CID) identical between them. Indeed, for the KESS or KTAG to work, the contents of the SD-cards must be encrypted in relation to its CID. Speed is not the most important. But a SD card with a writing speed of 0.063MB/s is a very bad SD card. The most important is to have a reliable SD card for a good and reliable rework. Sandisk Ultra SD-card & Samsung evo plus card: I have buy samsContinue Reading→

How to use Ktag 7.020 for Mercedes GL350 EDC17CP46

About: Chip-tuning Mercedes Benz GL350 3.0CDi 249 Hp 2015 with Ktag 7.020 Car: Mercedes Benz GL350 3.0CDi 249 Hp 2015 ECU: Bosch EDC17CP46 IROM TC 1797 A completely new GL came to Chemists 2 to add power. The machine is 2015 year of release, mileage is 500 km. To work on increasing the power, you must remove the computer, which is located under the locker of the right wheel. The firmware is produced in the « on the table » mode by the professional ECU programmer KTag firmware 7.0Continue Reading→