How to choose SD card for KESS and KTAG change CID?

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SD-cards provided with KESS and KTAG don’t meet the standards to be able to have a serial number (CID) identical between them. Indeed, for the KESS or KTAG to work, the contents of the SD-cards must be encrypted in relation to its CID.


Speed is not the most important.
But a SD card with a writing speed of 0.063MB/s is a very bad SD card.
The most important is to have a reliable SD card for a good and reliable rework.

Sandisk Ultra SD-card & Samsung evo plus card:

I have buy samsung evo plus card (10/2017) and cid is not changeable. I have used Sandisk Ultra SD-card solution and all works fine. Tested on edc16u31 edc16u34 and edc17c46 on bench and all work ok. Btw new samsung evo plus card (unchangeable cid) 95mb/s 32gb work great (speed) tested on raspberry-pi image compared with sandisk 32gb sd card and it work also good in ktag.

class 4 card:

kess and ktag fw support only max. speed for class 4 card
class 10 working as class 4 in the hardware
china card with one CID working slow as class 1,2

That is, class 4 should be enough.
The most important is to have a reliable and good quality SD card. (Not like China SD card)

sasmung sd card (original):

In any case, the sasmung sd card (original) is better than the cards that come in Chinese clones and no name sd-cards. Of course, the maximum speed is limited to the hardware and software features of the NXP microprocessor.

kingston 4gb sd card:

ktag 7.020 works fine with kingston 4gb. It’s from obd2diy.fr

Samsung evo card:

Gold card is just for Android smartphone.
Only some Samsung evo from 2015 have a security security breach that allows to change the CID.

Sandisk Ultra SD-card:

I tested Sandisk Ultra SD-card and it works great!! Since i prepared my kingston sd card i have no more “exception eefface” problem. Tested with my ktag 7.020!


…edits cards in manual.
It is very difficult and very slow, there is a “human factor”, high probability to be mistaken.
…mistake can kill ECU.
Best decision to use cards with custom CID or cards “Samsung EVO”, which allow to change CID.