How to install Abrites FVDI driver

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Hi to all. Here are my experience of Abrites FVDI driver installation.

i use to have problems with FVDI “clone”, after many test and noticing
that any new program installed that use FTDI always bring the problem,
i found some way to solve this crashing at start.

FVDI working DRIVERS mega link:


Password via PM sent to Roturbo: http://mhhauto.com/User-Roturbo

Using the UninstallGUI first click “add” the VID 0403 and PID 6001 to the list,
than “Remove Devices”, after that install this drivers from folder, the interface start
to work again,,, sometimes i have a fail on start “1 in 10 times”.

If it fails, just close Quick Start and open gain, after installing other interfaces with
FTDI you need to repeat the process if the crash problem comes back.

Problems with this driver are reduced dramatically, and i almost have no fail starts
detecting the interface.

This is for the ones that are having problems to install the FVDI drivers… open your
“Device Manager” after uninstall the drivers.

FVDI-driver-install-1 FVDI-driver-install-2 FVDI-driver-install-3 FVDI-driver-install-4 FVDI-driver-install-5 FVDI-driver-install-6

How to install FLY FVDI2 driver?

Tech support: http://www.obd2diy.fr/producttags/fly-fvdi-2.html