Kess V2 firmware 5.028 Ksuite software 2.34

Kess V2 5.028 ECU programming tool: KESS V2 is a ECU programming tool that is perfect for OBD use. Many ECU has the advantage that can be read and write from OBD port, so KESS V2 is perfect. Firmware: 5.028 Software: 2.34 Kess V2 5.028 for sale:… Continue Reading

Kess 4.036 Protocols vs. Kess V2 5.017 Protocols (+140 NEW)

Compared to KESS V4.036, the KESS V2 5.017 new firmware wins in protocol compatibility. KESS 5.017 supports more cars & bikes & trucks,with protocols fully activated, 140 more than v4.036. Look here: KESS V2 FW 5.017 adds 140 new protocols.… Continue Reading

How to use Kess V2 5.017 for BMW F series read/write

Kess V2 5.017 works very well BMW F series BOSCH EDC17C56/EDC17C50/EDC17CP45/EDC17CP09/MEVD17.2/MEV1746 and SIMENS MSV80. Read/write ECUs no issues, via BOOT (Tricore) or BDM. Look here:Kess 5.017 BMW F series ECU list kes Kess v2 master that can read and write BMW F… Continue Reading

Kess Ktag cables/ adapters Pinouts (DSG DQ200, DQ250, 14P600KT06)

Hi, i would like to copy and share Kess V2 and Ktag cables and adapters pinouts, including DSG DQ200 and DSG DQ250, kess v2 bmw cables, ktag 14P600KT06. Maybe together we can get all the pinout cables motorcycles, tractors, boats,… Continue Reading

Pourquoi ai-je besoin d’acheter KESS V2 et Ktag programmeur ensemble?

De sally: KESS V2 est un outil de programmation de l’ECU qui est parfait pour une utilisation OBD, tandis que Ktag est parfait pour Jtag, BDM et toutes les applications de démarrage (Tricore et ST10). Avec KESS V2 vous programmer… Continue Reading