Read BMW ECU by VVDI PRO Super Programmer

Programmeur De Clef

This is the detailed video guide about reading BMW 5 series ECU with VVDI Pro.

Disassemble the BMW 5 series ECU, to read the ECU data with the super programmer VVDI Pro.
First, open VVDI PRO software.
Select “N20”.
Open the wiring diagram.
Connect VVDI Pro adapter cables with ECU on the basis of the wiring diagram.
Check it repeatedly according to the wiring diagram, when finishing connection.
Connect VVDI PRO to the computer (via USB cable).
It is difficult to solder the white cable into the position 1 on ECU. It is hard to solder so we introduce a conductive way here.
Connect VVDI PRO to the computer successfully. Then we begin to read the data.
Click “New”
Click “Read”.
Click “YES” to crack the chip.
Read the data successfully.
Save the data.