Install OPCOM V1.59 Step by Step

Good news! OP-COM hardware now has updated to the newest version 1.59.
Here is the installation instruction for OPCOM Hardware V1.59.

Instruction via video:

Instruction via words and pics:

Open “My Computer/ OP-COM (E:)” to copy all the files to a new established folder named “op-com” in “Local Disk (C:)”.
The send “OP-COM” from“Local Disk (C:)/op-com” to Desktop.

Install software for USB Serial Converter
Click “Next” with the selection of “Install from a list of specific location (Advance)”.
Select “search removable media” and “include this location in the research”, then to “Browse” for “Desktop/My Computer/Local Disk (C:)/op-com/Drivers”. Then click “Next”.
install OP COM 1.59-1
Click “Next”.
Click “Finish” for successful installation of the software for USB Serial Converter.

Right click “My Computer” for “Manage”.
Select “Device Manager/PC-201103301537/Universal Serial Bus controllers/USB Srial Converter”.
install OP COM 1.59-2
Close the interface.

Open “Shortcut to CP-COM”.

Select “Settings”.
install OP COM 1.59-3
Click “Test Interface”. And click “Close” on “Interface Test Result”.
install OP COM 1.59-4
Click “Save Config” button, click “OK” for “Configuration saved”.
install OP COM 1.59-5
Select “Diagnostics”.
Click “Automatic Vehicle Information”.
Click “KWP-2000”.
install OP COM 1.59-6
install OP COM 1.59-7
Click “Diagnose ECM”.
Click “Back”.
install OP COM 1.59-8
Click “Fault Codes” button.
install OP COM 1.59-9
Click “Back”.
install OP COM 1.59-10
Click “Close”.
Click “Back”.
Click “Back”.
Click “Back”.
Click “Back”.
Click “Close”.