How to install Honda HIM HDS 3.101.044 Windows 7 32bit

Honda HDS v3.101.044 is tested 100% and confirmed to work no issues with Honda HIM diagnostic tool on Insight 2010. Here is the step-by-step how-to’s of HDS 3.101.044 Windows 7 installation.

How to setup Honda HDS 3.101.044 Windows 7 32bit?

HDS 3.101.044 installation explanation via words…

Go to Computer

Open the DVD drive E: Honda 3.101.044

Open the folder Honda 3.101.044

Run the Setup application

Honda HDS 3.101.044 will begin installation.


Accept the agreement

Select the destination. Here: Other (General)

Select the country. Here: the united states

Enter the dealer number 12345789012

Select a language to install

Honda HDS 3.101.044 is installing….

MVCI is installing….

Finish HDS installation

Back to the DVD drive E: Honda 3.101.044

Run GENERAL 64bit registration entries


GENERAL 64bit.reg have been successfully added to the registry

Copy all files in disk E:/new apps for genreg

Run Diagnostic system properties

Open file location

Copy and replace files in disk C:/GenRad/DiagSystem/Runtime/Apps

Close all the interfaces

Open Honda Diagnostic System on Desktop

This is Honda HDS 3.101.044 English Windows 7 32bit version

Press F12

Select HDS diagnostic interface: HIM

Test on INSIGHT 2010

Select Honda system


DTCs/freeze data

So, Honda HDS 3.101.044 is working no issues.

Note: HDS 3.101.044 installation is kind of easier than Honda HDS 3.101.015. You can go to the site to make a comparison: