Update SCANIA VCI2 SDP3 V2.20 V2.21 V2.30

This is about how to update SDP3 V2.20 V2.21 V2.30 for SCANIA VCI2.

SCANIA VCI2 truck diagnostic tool;

Computer requirements:
Windows7 32bit (for v2.20 and later)
Free download: http://www.obd2vip.com/html/win7-32bit-free-download-19514.html
this system we supply is guaranteed to work well for SDP3

1. After SDP3 installation, connect the SCANIA VCI2 device to PC.
2. Only when the system prompt VCI update, « The software in vci is not the newest version, please click ok to install the newest vci software »
please click to download the update file: solutions for Scania VCI2 update

Update file explanation:
Contents in the zip file: 3 folders for 3 versions SDP3
SDP3 V2.20 V2.21 V2.30
3. Copy the file “SMAPi.dll”, which is the same as your version, to the catalogue. e.g. I have the SDP V2.21, then I need copy the file “SMAPi.dll” in folder “2.21”.
PS. You need to copy and replace “SMAPi.dll”.
SDP3 V2.21 -1
SDP3 V2.21 -2
SDP3 catalogue
4. If the system prompts the update information again, it means that you fail to install SDP3.